Monday, May 14, 2007

Yellow and Green!!

And the winner is......everyone who posted a comment on my Eenie Meenie Minie Mo contest!! Rather than pick one winner, I decided everyone who joined in on the fun should receive a little something in the mail!!! Now isn't that more fun than just one person getting a little something?!! I think so!! It's my way of saying thank you for peeking in and reading this silly chicks blog. You gals ROCK!!

And now, here's a picture of the paint colors...Fresh Lemon and New Spring!! You might be able to see a bit of the old Lilac color between the two...that will be covered with chair rail on Wednesday. Bill promised the chair rail and trim WILL be up on Wednesday. Uh-huh. One can hope. Ha!

The new paint colors are bright and fresh and the best thing is that they look lovely with all my pink bedroom stuff. Just this afternoon, when I went to Monticello, I found the heart shaped pillow, lampshade and frosted green glass plate. I bought the sheer white with green polka dot curtains at Pottery Barn for Kids on Saturday while shopping with my Mom. I'd say things are coming together quite nicely!! Oh, that reminds me to make a note for myself. I need a curtain rod. Hmmm. I think this requires a trip to Target. Oh darn. **wink**

I'm still looking for a chandelier too. I was thinking about one of those Italian Tole chandeliers with the pretty metal flowers but came to my senses when I found one in Anthropologie for $1,400.00. I don't think so!! I'll just keep looking. I'm sure something will turn up that will work. I'll probably end up finding an old brass chandelier and painting it white. As long as it has real glass prisms I'll be happy. They give a lovely sparkle to a room AND they bring good chi.

There you have decorating folly!! I'll post a picture when the trim is up and we get the furniture in. It won't be DONE will be a work in progress!!

Chrissi, Shantell, Brenda, Samantha and Jill....please confirm your mailing addresses with me. You can contact me through my website.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Lucky ladies!! I know its going to turn out beautifully, and I LOVE your inspiration pieces!! Can't wait to see the final product!

All Bear said...

Beautiful colours! So fresh and as I have come to expect from you Aleta, fabulously feminine!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Wow, that color is stunning! I'll have to get some opinions from you when I repaint.

Not sure about the $1,400 for Chi though. I'm thinking thrift store, yard sale or auction and the spray paint idea that you suggested.

Anyway, just lovely!

Aleta said...

You girlies are so sweet!! Thank you. :o) It's great fun seeing everything come together as I imagine it.

I think it may take me awhile to find the chandelier that I have in my mind. That's okay though. It gives me a reason to frequent my favorite antique stores!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aleta for sharing - I know the perfect chandelier will present itself to you soon.