Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo!

So, what color do you think I chose to paint the second guest room? Perhaps I chose two colors....or three! Here are my inspiration pieces. They're vintage Beatrix Potter prints on hardboard that I found this past weekend at an Estate Sale. Aren't they fabulous?!! I know, I know they look a little like I'm getting ready for the pitter patter of little feet. Alas, no. (sigh) However, thinking long term....the paint colors are perfectly suited for a wee arrival!

Post your guess in the comment box. The first correct answer will receive a lovely little something in the mail. Sorry Bee (pet name for my daughter Brittany), you can't play. You already know the answer!! The deadline for guessing is Mother's Day, May 13th.

Warmest paint spattered bear hugs, Aleta


Chrissi said...

Oh Aleta, how pretty are they!?! I had a figurine collection when I was little and my utmost favorite was tom kitten. I LOVED that little porcelain figure!

I'm seeing a chair rail or wainscoting separating two colors maybe (?? I know nothing about decorating so bear with me -giggle-??) Maybe kind of sunny day feel...with the green at the bottom and the "tom kitten blue" at the top and buttery sunny curtains. I'm painting our laundry room right now and played around with Behr color-smart online ...it's a FUN site to play around with! For your room I just used the dining room option with the chair rail/wainscoting look. The white sapphire blue and water sprout green looked pretty good on my monitor, but might look terrible in reality ;) Well, that's my guess!

Shantell said...

I love Beatrix Potter...you just find the most wonderful treasures!! My color choices are...the lovely shade of green, yellow and pink. (Reminds of me a summer garden).

What ever you choose or have chosen, I am sure will be lovely. Please post of photo when you are finished....pretty puhleese.


Brenda said...

Hi Aleta,
I'm seeing a soft sage green for this room - it would work for either boy or girl, when the time comes. It's a good thing I wasn't at the sale with you - we'd have had a good fight on our hands over those Beatrix Potter signs! LOL! She is one of my most favourite illustrators.
I have baby dish sets and silverware for Corson, but he always preferred Spiderman, even as a tiny baby - go figure LOL! Have fun painting and can't wait to see the room all finished.



Samantha said...

Ooooh!!! What lovely pieces for inspiration!!! I am guessing, a soft summery yellow? Or possibly a soft mustard yellow - I'm sticking with yellow of some sort!!!! Maybe with a bit of pale green!?!? Oooh I don't know- do tell us!!! I can't wait to see a picture when its done!!

Anonymous said...

Aleta - I just bought a Beatrix Potter cup, plate and bowl for my grandaughter Baylee who was just born in February. I am definitely seeing green and yellow playing a big part in this room but I know your love for pink so....... Hope you will post the "after" pictures.

Jill Bruce

Aleta said...

You girlies make me smile...BIG!! Thank you.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta