Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm always painting something!

Random Fact #3: I love to paint!! I've painted and repainted so many times over the years that I no longer need to tape around doors or trim. As long as I have several cups of coffee in me before I start, I'm steady as she goes!!

I like flat paint best! I wish someone would make a flat paint for bathrooms and kitchens. Well, why don't they? Hmmm.

The second guestroom is coming along nicely. All the trim is up!! Yay, Bill!! I just have to give it a final coat and then I'm ready to move the furniture in. Oh, that reminds me. I still have to get a curtain rod!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! I can't wait to see it for real.