Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Friday? Already?!!

Where did the time go? What did I do all week? Scratching my head here. I know I worked in the studio all day yesterday, but what happened to the rest of the week? Ahh, yes. Distractions happened the rest of the week!!

The biggest distraction? My hubby, Bill. He was home early most days this past week and actually scheduled time off on Wednesday to put up the chair rail and trim in the second guestroom. Did the all the trim go up? Well....not exactly. You see, we had "The Boys" (Our son Justin and our son-in-law, Jeremy) over working on the sprinkler system. What was supposed to take "a couple of hours" turned into a whole day ordeal because of broken sprinkler heads, buried sprinkler heads (by voracious grass) and a broken sprinkler line in the ground. Oiy!!

Long story short......around about 5 o'clock Bill was finally able to start cutting the trim boards. So, I have new door trim and floor trim, but the chair rail needs to be finished. (sigh) And so it goes. At least the sprinkler system is operational again!! Wahoo!!

Oh, and the picture? That's what I got accomplished this week. It doesn't look like much, does it? Two words: Distraction Bill. Distraction phrase: "Hey babe? Can you come here for a minute? I need your opinion." Ha!

Have a lovely weekend!! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Samantha said...

Look at all those bodies, limbs and heads!!! Ooohhhhh...I can't wait to see them complete!

sewing stars said...

i love work in progress pictures! so neet to see how other people work too! can;t wait to see all these guys done up...

Anonymous said...

Dad? Distracting? Really? No, you must be joking! :-P

Aleta said...

Ha! Hi Bee!! Hey, wait a're my second biggest distraction!!

I can't wait to get this first batch of Storybook Bears finished!! I'll be working on handstitching muzzles this weekend. It's supposed to rain'll be a great day to stay in and get some more work done!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Shantell said...

Aleta, my have accomplished WAAAAAAAAAY more than I have. I don't think I need to mention, yet again, my wee little distractions...or maybe I should... :) :)

Are you saving a Storybook Bear for ME...I'm ALWAYS a day late you know? :)


Laura Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Aleta.... this sounds like MY house!!! Last time my hubby took a vacation from work he did NOT tell me ahead of time! Nothing got done for me that week either LOL! Looking forward to seeing these new "kids" when they are all done!!

Kim Basta, Wild Thyme Originals said...

Aleta... count your lucky stars that your husband is QUALIFIED to do this sort of thing. I have to keep reminding MY husband that they are called "home IMPROVEMENTS" for a reason... and with total emphasis on "improvements." You are a lucky little ducky Aleta! We have to hire someone to "improve" upon my husband's home improvements, and they nearly always tell me... if you'd a called me before he touched it it would've cost half what I have to charge you now! Can't wait to see how the teddies turn out!
Kim Basta

Diane Duda said...

Just happened here from Lisa Kaus's blog. Wanted to say that your bears are the sweetest...even these bear parts are showing promise already. Look forward to seeing more!

It's not just you...most of my week's these days are "Where did it go" weeks.

Diane Duda

nimbleknot said...

What a cool photograph. I love to see artists work in progress and I love your bears.