Monday, May 21, 2007

A sneaky tag!

Here I was, taking a minute to peek in on my favorite blogs when all of a sudden...WHAMMO! I was tagged! I was tagged just by reading Teresa's, Sewing Stars, blog. That was sneaky, Teresa!!

Since I've got such a busy week ahead....and because I can't think of seven random facts about me right now...I'm going to share just one or two each day for the next few days. I'll post my "You're It!" tag at the end of the seventh random fact.

Random Fact #1: I garden but I've never grown vegetables or fruit. Flowers. That's it. However, that's about to change. My lovely neighbor, Linda, brought over a whole tray of strawberry plants a couple of days ago and asked if I wanted them. Not one to turn away an offer of free plants, I say "Sure! I'd love them!" Okay, so now I'll be learning about growing strawberries. I'm up for the challenge!! Don't they look scrumptious?!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

1 comment:

sewing stars said...

i remember trying to grow strawberries once, but the squirrels kept eating them before they turned red! i wish you better luck!!! they already look so yummy!