Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pink Wednesday WIP!

I've been in the studio designing a doll pattern or two, playing with paper and glue, and even a little mohair bear here and there!! Oh, just look at the projects!!

Why this manic bit of creating? I'm just in the mood to stretch a little bit I think. Take the dolls for example: I designed two of them. One is very simple in design. The other has shoulders and hips and a multi-piece round head. I didn't like the simple doll head so I cut it off and placed a styrofoam ball on top. I think I shall try my hand, Paperclay! I used to sculpt figurines for Enesco so it shouldn't be that hard to sculpt a head! Uh-huh. Right. Ha!

The second little paper and glue project isn't exactly a WIP. It's finished. Actually, they're finished. At least this batch. I made four paper hats and two paper shoes. Sometimes I just have to give my inner kindergartener wings to fly.....or, paper, scissors and make her happy.

I love old photos of children with funny expressions. Especially ones with teddy bears. Go figure! ;o) These particular photos made into fabulous little Glenda the Good witches. One is perhaps a little more mischievous that the rest! Boo!

A fun little project whipped up in a day and each one, one-of-a-kind. The hats are fun to put atop candlesticks or hat stands....or bear heads, for a bit of Halloween fun. The shoe? Well, it's just a bit of folly to prop against something else. I thought I might have a bit of fun with these patterns for the holiday season as well.

Last, but certainly not least, one of my Truly Silly bears. I haven't made one in awhile. They're kind of odd but quite adorable. Neither their eyes or ears on sewn on straight and their smiles are a little lopsided....and they're meant to be that way! I'll be putting the finishing touches on two of them (this one and another) tomorrow!

I've gotten quite a lot accomplished this week!! Pin a rose on my nose!! :o) I hope you're having a productive week as well.

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta


Diane Duda said...

My goodness. Everything looks wonderful! Even the styrofoam-headed dolls. Good luck with the...ummm...paperclay.
I've been working on commissions which is usually my least favorite thing to do. I always come up with a million ideas of things I'd rather be painting.
But I'm all done and ready to move on now. What was I going to paint?

Theresa said...

Everything you've gotten finished is lovely!!!!!! I just love Halloween... I should be working on Halloween table runners but some how I've been sewing pillowcases instead... go figure. You make me want to break out all my Halloween supplies.... I just might have to do that today!!!!



DivaDeb said...

Aleta, these are absolutely beautiful! You are so inspiring...which is why I've given you a blog award!

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