Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not according to plan.

(sigh) CWAP! I had everything set. Pictures downloaded and uploaded. Descriptions ready. All I had to do was unveil the bears. Easy peasie. NOT!!

(sigh) I think my website hates me. (sniff)

It's all sorted out now but now I feel sick to my stomach that, once again, my website has gotten the best of me and turned me into a raving lunatic. I think I may have to go back to my old format of listing one bear at a time. It's either that or going back to Ebay. Neither of these ideas tickles my fancy because it's a lose/lose for my collectors. On Ebay, with all the associated fees, I would have to raise the price of my bears. Listing one bear at a time creates it's own problems with multiple purchases of the same bear because everyone makes a mad dash for that ONE bear which then creates a negative listing and still shows the bear as available. Confused? Me too.

Don't mind me. I'm just typing out loud and feeling frustrated. I think I shall put this silliness behind me for the day and take a wander over to Monticello. I need to take a few things over and spruce up my booth a bit anyway. Tomorrow morning starts the three day sale and the month long Autumn/Harvest show in the Atrium. I think all the dealers in the mall participate in the sale. Everything in my booth will be 10% off!! Hey now, that's something to smile about!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...Oh my...they are just gorgeous! The panda is so beautiful in her lovely outfit. The "boys" are pretty handsome also.

I'm trying to stay away from heading to Ebay as well...too many negatives.

I think you should stick to what is successful for you.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Melanie Clark said...

Hi Aleta, I feel your pain. Maybe try Etsy.. it's alot easier to list stuff and seems to work well.

Gorgeous bears btw.

Shantell said...

Hi Aleta,

I just adore your bigger bears...someday I shall have a girly bear all my own to watch over my little girls. :O)


Marietta said...

I am heading to ebay.... I love your little bears... How sweet... The flustration when the pics won't download is always the time you want it done the most.. Hang in there. It will allcome together... I just posted a give-a-way today on my blog. Maybe you would like to stop on over.

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Aleta, Your bears are wonderful as day I will have a bigger one to look after the others.. hope you figure out a way so it doesn't frustrate you.. that's not a good thing..hope your sale goes well and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Linda

Zada Creations said...

Such precious bears Aleta! Oh, I too share your pain. Their are too many days that my computer and I don't get along. I hope everything works out for you soon!