Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween at Monticello and unexpected visitors!

Last week I did a full makeover on my booth at Monticello. I don't have a lot of vintage backstock so this will be a limited run. Probably just another couple of weeks.

After being in Monticello for about two months now, I am beginning to realize that I need a bigger space. Five feet by 10 feet just doesn't allow me to showcase the many furniture pieces we bought for Flourishes without overloading them. We have a four bay garage full of shabby chippy, or as my son refers to it...old and busted, furniture. Perhaps I should just have a ginormous garage sale!!

Look at the unexpected visitors that seem to have taken up residence in our back garden. A male and female peacock seem quite taken with their new surroundings. We have no idea where they came from....or quite what to do with them for that matter.
They are certainly amazing to watch! The female is much more inquisitive than the male. He's quite timid actually. The female comes right up to the patio window and looks right in at my cats. Of course, my the cats would just love to play with these new visitors! Ha!

We also know now that the birds that we saw a few weeks ago that looked like baby turkeys were probably the offspring of these two peacocks. There were five of them running around the garden!

I'm hoping that someone comes looking for these two peacocks soon. We've driven around the neighborhood looking for LOST PEACOCK signs to no avail. We may have to post some FOUND PEACOCK signs instead! Oiy!!

A happy Monday to you!! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Brenda said...

Hi Aleta,
Your booth at Monticello looks super! I love the orange and black.
Now that's quite a pair you have acquired - who wouldn't want to live in your gorgeous backyard LOL! Seems to me you have two very clever peacocks!



Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
Oh I wish I could just drop everything and drive over to Monticello today! Your booth looks wonderful. Any chance of getting a bigger booth that could have a bit of the Flourishes feel from Mt. Pleasant? You had such wonderful things there - they must be in your garage waiting to make their debut.

Your guests are gorgeous but I'm guessing they could be a nuisance. Maybe they are just short-term guests.

Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...

Your booth looks wonderful...such interesting pieces.
Love the pretty!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Sarah said...

Wow, how exotic, peacocks in the garden! Or to be exact, a peacock and peahen!

I pressume they belong to somebody. Or maybe they live life on the run!

Hugs, Sarah x

Christine LeFever said...

Yes, you would bedazzle us even more with a larger booth! As for those enchanting birds~I believe you could contact the state officials who tend to wildlife moving into our suburban homes. There are so many farms about that have peacocks; and as you are right there in the rural mountains of Happy Valley, I suspect yours escaped their original master and have found paradise. But they're so much nicer than bears moving in!