Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pink Wednesday and Parents!

Deep breath. The parents are coming, the parents are coming!!! Not just my mom this time, but my dad too. Mom just called two hours ago to ask if it was alright. You see, dad has never stayed with us because we have cats and he doesn't like cats. I think mom has convinced him that since they are indoor cats they don't have cooties like outdoor cats. They don't eat mice or birds and they don't bring in outdoor allergens. Okay then. Another deep breath and I'm off with the lint brush to defuzz every inch of my home!!

Would you, could you, please say a little prayer for me? Deep breath. Deep breath. Any more deep breaths and I'll probably pass out! Ha!

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta


Shantell said...

You do realize dear Aleta that this means Max will want Dad's undivided attention don't you? That's just the way they are? Cat's (especially ones like Max and his mother...oh his mother)...can seek people like your dad out. I wish you the best...sending BIG prayers your way.

Now Max...behave!!!

Sending big hugs,

Christine LeFever said...

I cannot understand people who do not like cats unless they're allergic to them in which case, I learned that it is the short hair cats that cause the dander probs, but what do I know anyway?

Good luck with your Dad and your wonderful baby kitty. They are ALL baby kitties to me. (Although for a while they were beasties~)


Brenda said...

Oh Aleta,
I will say a prayer AND cross all my fingers and toes for you! I would give anything for one more Christmas with my parents. Merry Christmas!



Martha Kohley said...

Aleta, I will be thinking of you. Remind me to tell you a kitty story some day soon. I, too, wish I could have another Christmas with my parents, especially so Jake could have a Christmas with them. Much happiness to you and Bill this holiday! Martha