Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby shoes? Who knew?

Who knew inspiration could come from baby shoes? I've been collecting baby shoes since I've been designing bears. It's only been in the past year I've started collecting baby shoes with stuff in 'em. It started with the glittery one with the bird. Then came the one with the Christmas greens and baubles. My latest one came from Martha Kohley. It has a snip of fur from her mothers coat and an antique ornament tucked gently into the top of the shoe. It's also tied up with rayon ribbon and has a jingle bell.

So what does all this have to to with anything? Well, I've been wracking my brain for an idea that would encompass all the creative projects I've been working on. Bears, soldering, and altered art. The idea hit me when I was looking those lovely baby shoes! Combine the whole she-bang in a baby shoe!! So that's what I did.

I revived one of my oooooold teddy bear designs....because it was little....and because of the simple head design. The pattern must be at least five years old because, if you'll notice, none of the finished bears in the picture to the right are airbrushed! Oh my, my how my bears have changed!! Anyhoo, with a little inspiration taken from each shoe and my old bear pattern, this is what I came up with! A sweet little angel bear tucked gently in a glass glittered shoe with crepe paper ruffle 'round the top and all laced up with ribbon and one of my soldered charms! :o)

Oh, and I have to share too about the little crown. That came by way of Sandra Evertson's blog. She did a little tutorial on making crowns for little dolls. Wire, glue and glitter. Love it!!! A special thank you and warm bear hug for Sandra for sharing such a darling and simple idea. :o)

So you see, one thing leads to another. It's the AHA! moment. Inspiration and ideas come from everywhere. The delight comes in putting it all together!!

Warmest glittery bear hugs, Aleta


Martha Kohley said...

Aleta, I love it! How sweet. Martha

Chrissi said...

Gorgeous Glitteryness! SO Sweet!!
I was totally inspired by Christy Firmage at HuntValley this year and found a little pair of shoes while antique hunting right after. LOVE your glitterly toe touch, really sweet.
My shoes haven't "spoken" to me yet... Maybe they're shy :)


grace said...

ohwww so adorable. :) its such a good way to combine all the pretty stuff you do



Theresa said...

Dear Aleta,

How sweet and lovely this little angel is you've created. I think she's perfect in every way :)

Big Bear Hugs,


Danita said...

They're beautiful Aleta!!! I love the idea!

Christine LeFever said...

That is so cute that you used Sandra's wee crown idea. I saw that too. Your tiny bear is perfect for that little baby shoe. I have one lovely baby shoe that I bought from Willow Nest and it sits stage front on my center table in the parlor. (Victorian houses didn't have actual living rooms).My shoe is sparkly and white.


q.D.paToOtieS said...

Sweet, sweet, cute, cute, loverly, loverly! I love all the vintage "stuff" too. I think I'm going to try to make real mini's next! I've got some of those shadow boxes I've been itchin' to try. Love your stuff!

Dorothy said...
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