Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Junking!

Thought I'd share a tiny sampling of the treasures Bill and I found this past Saturday. Just one picture today. It's really the only one that didn't turn out too dark or out of focus. I seem to have the knack of picking the rainy and gloomy days to take pictures lately! ;o)

I've never seen transferware with a seashell pattern. Have you? It's fabulous!! I'd love to keep it....however, at this point, I think Bill would pull me aside and have a little talk with me about everything I've been keeping lately. As if he had any room to talk. You should see the garage!! Well, okay, most of the garage is filled with my antiques as well. Which brings me back to my original point's gotta go to Monticello. But, but.......(sigh)

Oh, and just look at the most lovely ironstone pitcher!! It's a large one at just a skosh over 12 inches tall. Love it!! Not keeping it though. I'm only collecting the wheat design pitchers because they go so well with my rooster and dishes. Annnnyway......I picked up a bundle of old fabric as well. It will be perfect for the paperclay dolls I've started.....which I will get back to at some point. Really, I will!! ;o)

Okay. So, there were a lot more treasures: 2 matching childs chairs, a delightful dressform I'll use for display only, a caneback chair......oh, lunch is ready!....gotta go. Have a lovely Sunday!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


The White Bench said...

This is divine! Never seen anything similar, Aleta!
Monica x.

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Lovely! Hope to see you soon. Maybe on the 21st? If not, maybe at Monticello in April. M.