Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let the decorating begin!!

From flat folds of tissue paper to ginormous pink pom poms! This idea came from the Martha Stewart library. Type in tissue paper pom for instructions. They're easy peasy. You just have to take care when pulling the tissue paper out of the folds. Oh, and make sure you make them from the designated size tissue paper. A square sheet does not make a nice pom. Believe me...I tried. Ha!
What do you do when your light fixture doesn't quite go with the decor of your party? If it's a daytime party and you don't need the light....cover it with ginormous pom poms!! I'm just getting started....

A grand entrance it will be. Guests will walk up to the front door on a red carpet scattered with gold stars. When they enter they will be greeted with a cascading baby mobile suspended over a decorated table. The mobile has pom poms, stars, and giant sized baby diaper pins, a rattle and bottle. Isn't it fun?!!
I still have so much to do! All the linens will be delivered on Friday as well as the hot dog machine. The cake has to be picked up on Saturday. I still have to get flowers, buy movie theater type candies for the apothecary jars and all the goodies and prizes for the baby shower games. I'd better get my groove going! Oh, and my mom is flying in this afternoon! Wheeeeeee.....
I'll do my best to take pictures along the way. :)
Make it a fabulous Pink Wednesday!!! The sun is shining and life is grand!
Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


The White Bench said...

That's terrific, Aleta!!!!!!!
Happy Pink Wednesday to you too ( your Pink Wednesdays!)!
Maybe you'd like to eat some birthday cake...;)

brittany said...

Oh I love the pom-poms! They are so cool! You are so creative! I can't wait for the party!

Love, Britt

The French Bear said...

How beautiful! I can't to see what you create once your grand baby actually gets here!!! You are so talented!
How lucky that baby is!!!
I love your Pink Wednesday, I am always inspired!!
Margaret B

Ginie-Lee said...

Hope the party goes well! Love the pom poms!!!
Hugs Ginie-Lee x

LauraLu said...

That is ADORABLE!! Did you make the pom-poms? If so, would you share the technique?

Wanda said...


suzanne.artist said...

Wow, love the chandelier idea, beautiful!

And love your taste-what I'm trying to adapt in my home.

Suzanne Urban