Monday, March 9, 2009

If I ignore it, maybe it will go away.

Snow. Again. Ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. I'm going to try my best to ignore it and focus on the fun things! Fun things like this past weekends Antique Expo here in Portland. I didn't make a huge haul. Actually, my haul was pretty slim. That's okay though, that means there are even more treasures elsewhere and I just have to keep looking! Most of the fun is in the search anyway!

I seem to be finding a lot of ironstone pitchers lately...and chamber pots. It kind of goes like that. I'll find lots of a particular thing for awhile and then, none at all.

My funky little find this time is the sweet pink beaded apple and pear. I don't usually pick up things like that. They were pink and petite and I'm sure they were a sign of something truly special I would find later in the day!! More on that on Pink Wednesday!! I'm soooooo excited!!!

Oh, but wait.....I have to get it here first! Snow, snow go AWAY! Maybe Pink Wednesday will be on Thursday this week. It wouldn't be the first time, now would it? Ha! ;o)

Warmest looking forward to Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta


Naija said...

i wonder where i can have a closer look at mirabelle and the bear i dont see it well with my bad eyes

Adrienne said...

Wasn't that snow incredible this morning? At this last date who would think we would have snow? And that it would stick? I was driving to an appointment not too far from your part of the area when it was coming down the hardest. Fortunately, it didn't cause any problems nearby. I missed the Expo - it would have been fun to be there. Thanks for sharing about your trip there. ~Adrienne~

brittany said...

Just remember we had snow last April and the year before that it was May. So some snow in March is to be expected I suppose. It's rediculous! :)

Happy Monday!
Love, Britt

Theresa said...

I'm so tired of the snow too Aleta... plus it doesn't help that we just had a beautiful sunny 75 degree day and today were back down in the 50's. I just want to kick off my shoes and run through the grass.... not the snow. :)