Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty pink ribbons!

Working at home, I sometimes forget what day it is. Today is a perfect example of that. I've been busy in my studio this morning working on stitching bear noses (I really need to get some bears finished!!) when all of a sudden a lightening bolt thought hit me. What day is it?!! Well, if you don't know what day of the week it is, where is the most likely place to find out? The computer!! You could look on a calendar but if you weren't sure what yesterday was, well, there you're still clueless as to the day it is today. This is how my mind works. Scary, huh? Ha!

So, I wander down the stairs and into the office and park myself in front of the computer. Egad! It's Pink Wednesday already!! Good thing this little picture didn't make it onto yesterdays post or I'd be pinkless!

I found this lovely little doll at an estate sale this past weekend. How could I resist those pink ribbons and the pink featherstitching around her hem? The one thing that made me plunk down the money for her? That sticky outy on top of her head, of course! A lock of hair sticking right up. It just will not be tamed!! I love it!! Okay, I'm weird. ;o)

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta


Anonymous said...

Ah, this dolly reminds me of the antique dolls my mom collected. She has them throughout the house on New Avenue. I must admit that I didn't like all of them (sorry!), but some were pretty and had lovely clothes. I loved their shoes. Love the pink accents on your doll, Aleta. She fits right into Pink Wednesday! :-)

Bonnie said...

I love to check out your BLOG !!I love all of your daily adventures. I have a question for you would you tell me how you found out how to add the LINKS to your Blog. I can't seem to get it to work. Hummm.

Karen said...

Oh Aleta what a beautiful doll. I love the bisque dolls with brown eyes for some reason. Such a pretty dress she has! She is stunning.

Hello Bonnie . . . links are easy. If you want them to show on the side of your blog you click customize, then add page element, then create link and type in the www info. Hope that helps.

Karen at Ciderantiques

Nancy said...

You silly girl, Aleta!
Love the doll...she is a beauty. Her dress is so pretty...and her face...I miss seeing those dolls. Too bad they can't seem to make them like they used to...such simplicity in the dolls of long ago...but that's what makes them so charming.

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Diane Duda said...

phew! good save.
And she's gorgeous. Sticky outy and all. :)


Brenda said...

Isn't she lovely! The dress is gorgeous - I adore pink and green.
I do love dolls.



Melanie Clark said...

Very nice doll! My Mom (and sometimes me) collects the antique girls. They are so beautiful and soulful. I always like to dream where they have been and who looked after them :)