Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barn House, Flea Market and Bears

The fog was just lifting when we drove up to the Barn House event Saturday morning. What an enchanting setting!! Joe and Jermonne put on such an amazing sale. WOW!! Their look is decidedly primitive. Lots of shabby chippy, ironstone, tarnished silver....all of my favorites only on a more primitive note. LOVED it!! I found a couple of goodies for myself and some hanks of hand dyed ribbon from Cindy Dockins, Queen of Tarte. It was a fabulous start to the holiday weekend!

From there it was a full day of estate sales, garage sales and a trip to Monticello. It is a rare weekend that we don't visit the latter. (If for nothing else, lunch at Monti's Cafe!) We almost always find some treasure...or three...at Monticello! The sweetest little settee and chairs came home with us this time. Home or Flourishes? Hmmmm. The jury is still out on that one. Where is the picture? Well, I didn't want you all to drool over it before I had a chance to make up my mind!! ha! ;o)

Speaking of Flourishes.....the deadline is looming for artist/vendors for our June 21st Flea Market. This is an outdoor market held around the barn and in the meadow. If you have expressed interest in participating you MUST get in touch with me this week. I only have a few meadow spaces left!!

Warmest Monday....er, Tuesday bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. The bears are almost ready!! Airbrushing is done, eyes are set and the finishing details will be done today!! Listing will begin on Thursday!! :o)

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Barn House said...

We can't wait to do the Flea Market next month!! It is going to be a blast! By the way, how long did it take you and Bill to recover after your events? I am STILL exhausted!!

J & J