Monday, May 19, 2008

The note said.....

"Hey! What is the big idea of the lack of blog posts?" This note was from Mini sister, Michelle.

Well. Where to begin? I'll give you the speedy version. Auction, estate sale, estate sale, estate sale, barbeque with the kids, estate sale (where Bill and I bumped into the dear and talented, Christine LeFever), toured Christine and Greg's beautiful victorian home, played a round of ping pong at Brittany and Jeremy's (went there to see her bedroom and office make-overs).....all the while making trips back and forth to Mt. Pleasant. Whew!!

And holy macaroni, was it warm!....a skosh over 100 degrees on Friday and Saturday!! It dipped down into the 90's yesterday. I absolutely will NOT complain about the heat though. With the miserably cold winter/early spring we had.......bring on the heat!! I can say that you know, because we rarely get the high humidity with the heat. :o)

Okay, so, now we're all caught up with each other!! Yet, I still find myself behind. All the treasures I found need cleaning and pricing. The gardens need attention. And, the bears need noses so they can be airbrushed. It looks like I will have to squeeze 36 hours into a 24 hour day. Now how am I going to do that when all I want to do is go blog hopping? Ha!

Warmest Monday bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. Good grief, I nearly forgot to say a little something about the pictures!! These were taken yesterday at our home on Mt. Pleasant, also the home of Flourishes. Isn't that view incredible? That's what I see when I look out my studio window. It's a view looking out across the Columbia River Gorge into Oregon. The first and last pictures are for Linda and Ludmil (Willow Nest). Ludmil built that gorgeous birdhouse and left it behind for us to enjoy. I'm thinking they planted the snowball bush too. It's just a wee thing....but absolutely loaded with blooms!! Enjoy!!


Charmingdesigns said...

Just beautiful!!! I would still like to know what you use for airbrushing. Laurie

Anonymous said...

I love the view, the birdhouse, the flowers...sigh. I miss the PNW sometimes...but I was just there on Thursday and Friday! :-) It was a whirlwind trip, so I didn't get to enjoy the outdoors much. I'll leave the 90-plus-degree weather for you to enjoy. ;-)

Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and what keeps you busy. I live vicariously through you while I'm here working on proofreading!

Bear hugs,

Nancy said...

Oh Aleta! You truly live a charmed life...I know, busy...but you are surrounded by such beauty. You deserve it! You and hubby work so hard...

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

knitsational said...

Spring seems to be pulling all of us away right now. I've been a very bad blogger too.

Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
I'd love to be sitting in the swing in your big tree right about now. Chatting with you and enjoying the view! Instead I have work to do and a commitment to fulfill this evening!

Thanks for catching us up. You've been busy, busy, busy but it sounds like you've done some things you enjoy in the busy-ness. And thanks for the pictures of your gorgeous flowers.

Karen said...

That view is stunning Aleta! A glass of lemonaid under that tree would be absolute perfection :)

Karen at Ciderantiques

A Thing for Roses said...

That view is to die for. So jealous!


Barn House said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Everything looks so beautiful. Now that we've gone from winter right into summer, we are sure there are a million more blooms the warm weather is bringing you both. Can't wait to see more!

J & J