Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink Cake, Pink House

Happy Pink Wednesday!! Did you think I got lost? I'm not lost.....just exploring! Exploring new art mediums and learning a little more about myself. So, what did I learn in Lisa Kaus's class this past weekend? I learned that coloring with water soluble art crayons is amazingly fun! I also learned that even though I may be taught something new, I tend to stay in my comfort zone. In this case, a light color palette.

Upon further examination of this point I realized the only time I really like bold color is Halloween and Christmas. And even then, I use an ample dose of white, cream and tarnished silver to soften it up.

One thing I really enjoy about taking classes is learning from other women attending the class. Just walking around looking at the other women's work I was picking up bits of knowledge here and there. I love to see what other women create!! This class was chock full of wildly creative ladies!! I came away feeling exhilerated and exhausted all at once!! There was soooo much energy in that room!!

Now it's back to the real world. As much as I would love to, no more playing with crayons for at least a week. I have bears to finish and Flourishes needs attention as well. My cake box will have to wait for it's last details until next week. I'm still formulating what I want to do with the top......I keep arranging it and rearranging it. It's acting a bit as dressing one of my bears. Sometimes it sits awhile until I come upon just that right finishing touch.

Oh, before I run off to work in the studio, I want to thank Lisa Kaus for opening her home and studio and offering such fun workshops!! I'd also like to thank Terri Brush for the rhinestone and silver pendant. What a very sweet thing to do for all the attendees of Sunday's class!! You gals left a huge imprint on this chickiedoodle's heart.....bless you!

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs,


Theresa said...

It sounds like you had a great time and your pink cake is lovely. I also like your house too.



Diane Duda said...

Luckily yours just happens to be the most lovely of color palettes! Everything is beautiful and how lucky to get to learn from Lisa!


(there's some pinkness going on at my place too! Just a coincidence that it happened on Wednesday.)

Shantell said...

Yummy cake box...looks good enough to have a little nibble. So glad you had a wonderful deserve a day to spoil yourself after all you do for everyone else.


Brenda said...

Love your cake box AND the soft colour palette! How I envy you, getting to spend time doing something new and exciting - you deserve it. I haven't had a day to myself since before we left for Disney, and boy, I'd almost kill for one (YIKES)!



Debbie said...

How exciting! I love being surrounded by creative types...but it's been a while. :-) Oh, and your color palette is very nice just as it is.

Bear hugs,

All Bear said...

What a treat to share such an experience! I love the results too ... so very feminine. I always think of you as pink and pretty Aleta!

Karen said...

Lovely work Aleta . . . I love the tones you chose. Soft and delicate is easy on the eyes. It makes us linger longer :).

Glad you enjoyed the class so much.

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

Nancy said...

Oh Aleta! Your work is lovely...looks like you had a wonderful time. Will look forward to seeing your piece finished. Love the pendant...very pretty.

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Such pretty things! xo, suzy

Anonymous said...

Your projects turned out beautifully! I'm taking the same classes in July and cannot wait!


cindy said...

I'm a big fan of her work and would love to take a class. Your projects are all awesome.