Friday, February 6, 2009

Tallulah Pickles & Little Crumb

My camera battery died before I could photograph these bears separately so I listed them on my website together. Not such a bad thing! Although, by the look on Tallulah's face, you'd think she was a bit miffed to share the spotlight. Oh well. ;o)

The week has been crazy and I still haven't been over to Monticello to fluff things up. Shame, shame. I seem to be having a dickens of a time managing two businesses lately. I do have a lot of things gathered together to take over though! I'm hoping to be there on Sunday. Cross your fingers for me, won't you? ;o)

Until then though, tomorrow is a much needed day off and a shopping trip with Brittany. At about seven months along, she's finally starting to actually need maternity wear. (I know, boo hoo right?) So, a shopping we will go!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. I also wanted to mention that Bill and I will be among the vendors at the Barn House flea market on July 18th. Mark your calendars!!! As Jermonne would say.....HEEHAW!!!!!

P.S.S. Tallulah Pickles and Little Crumb have been already been adopted! Bless you for your inquiries. :o)


Shantell said...

Have a great time with the little mommy today. I saw her cute little bump on her FB picture (one of your tag links).


P.S. I'm still on for Wednesday. I'll email you later.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Lovely bears Aleta, they do make a really cute pair. So Sweet :)

~ Karen

Debbie said...

Tallulah Pickles and Little Crumb are adorable! :-)