Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missed another one!

Yup, missed another Pink Wednesday. (sigh) I suppose it's time I explain. If you follow my blog, you probably realize I am always juggling many projects at one time. It's never been a problem until recently. I've had some health issues I've been ignoring. Little tip here: Willing it to go away, doesn't make it go away. It only makes matters worse. Lest you think that something horrific has hasn't. I'm under a doctors care and I'm going to physical therapy three times a week. I do, however, have to slow down.

That's what my little rant was about a week or so ago. DARN IT, I don't want to slow down!! I know now that I have to. Otherwise, I may end up with even more nerve damage, or even worse, require surgery. Which, in turn, would mean an absolute cessation of activity for many weeks. That rant was my cock-eyed way of telling my family I needed help and not to expect so much of me while they're here on holiday. For once, I have to put myself first. It's not something I'm used to doing. Nor is it something my family is used to.

In the meantime, I made a commitment to Monticello for their holiday faire back in August. (Long before I knew I would have so many coming for Thanksgiving.....or that I would be facing worsening physical issues.) The time I feel at my best, I use to work on things for that event rather than spending time on the computer. Little by little, the rest of the time is spent getting the house ready for family to arrive. Anyway, now you know the reason for a belated Pink Wednesday here and there....or missing it altogether. ;o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. That's a Japanese Aralia bloom that hasn't opened, huh? Nature supplies the most amazing pictures to capture!!


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hey Aleta, Yes girly you need to slow down. I am currently working for an "Aleta type" Auctioneer, LOL, and she fully admits she does not have an off button. Perhaps I will have her read your post :)

Get well soon and rest those hands.

Karen xoxox

Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
Don't worry about us - take care of yourself. We want you well! Slowing down is very hard for some of us but it's worth every minute missed on some things we don't want to miss!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE take care of yourself Aleta dear!

Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...

Please slow down...all of your hard work is meaningless if you can't enjoy it!! You need to take care of you...your health is everything.
I completely understand your need to please...I have the same isn't easy saying no...but for your health's have to!!

Take care. I'm thinking of you!
Hugs, Nancy

Barn House said...

Hi Aleta! We are really sorry to hear about you having to "slow your roll" for health reasons...BUT, you just better take care of yourself or else The Boys of Barn House will be paying you a visit to twist your arm a bit!! You certainly don't want to see our BH Mafia Tactics first-hand! I may just have to force you to come and keep me company on my porch for a spell. :o)

Draffin Bears said...

Please take care of your sweet self and slow down.

Make time for Aleta and everything else can wait.

Warmest bear hugs