Monday, November 24, 2008

Merry and White!

I'm going with the "less is more" way of thinking this year. Because I'm not able to drape the tree in glass Christmas garland this year (not a safe thing for me to be twisting and turning on a seven foot ladder trying to get it "just so") I decided to forget the glass garland and go simple. This year, simple is good. It's white and tarnished silver, feather birds and glittery snowballs. Still festive, just quiet and more relaxed. It's exactly what I needed to slow things down a bit.

Now mind you, I didn't run out and buy all new ornaments. Nope, nope, nope. I actually bought them a couple of years ago for a New Years party. That year, the day after Christmas, I took all of our traditional ornaments off the tree and replaced them with a white glittery snow theme. Crazy perhaps, but I knew we would have guests at the party that don't do Christmas and I wanted them to feel welcome in our home. Taking the entire tree down wasn't an option with Bill's schedule so I had to improvise. The really great thing here is that this year I was able to use the decorations again!!

This year I even included an element of surprise on our tree.....I've hung my collection of silver baby cups from the branches!! They look so sweet and are a nod to the impending birth of our first grandchild. (insert a happy smiley sigh here) Life is grand! :o)

Before I close, I want to say thank you for all the well wishes posted both publicly and privately. Time, patience and physical therapy.....oh!, and ice three times a day!! I am beginning to see improvement!! Yay!! Though the road may be long, I'll get there!!

Merry Merry and warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
I'm glad to hear that you are simplifying things this year. That's just what you need to do. And glad to know you are taking care of YOU! Your tree looks wonderful. Hope we get to see more. I'm trying hard to think of having things more simple this year but my head wants to get carried away! I have dear family moving here in a week (!) and I want to make Christmas so special for them. I know the most special will be the fact that we are together. Take care, my friend, and rest.

Stacey said...

What a great idea to use your collection as ornaments! Very original:)

Brenda said...

Hi Aleta,
Yep - less is more and it will get you ready for the few years you won't be able to hang treasured, breakable ornaments, once baby gets mobile :o)
Glad you are feeling a bit better - have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week.



Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Aleta, your tree looks sooo wonderful, really pretty. I do hope you will be on the road to recovery well, please do take care and take it steady xx If you have time you might like to pop over to my blog where I'm having a launch party and giveaway for a range of beary illustrations I've started. Hugs, Catherine xx

Diane Duda said...

Your "simple" is simply beautiful! Love the merry, merry sign.
TAke care of yourself and have a Happy, happy Thanksgiving. :)


The White Bench said...

Hi Aleta! You HAD to slow down, simplify is a great thing at Christmas! I do need a simple Christmas, too, so can understand very well.
The wooden sign is soo cute! Love it!

Take care,

Monica x.

Laurie said...

It all looks so beautiful... and happy Thanksgiving! Laurie