Sunday, November 30, 2008

All is calm.

The house seems so incredibly quiet. All of our family is on their way back to their homes in Alaska and Boston, Mass. I can hear cat paws walking across the carpet again...... Though it makes me smile to hear them, I'm sad at the same time. You know what I mean?

Warmest Sunday bear hugs, Aleta


Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
It sounds like you must have had a wonderful time with your family. Yes, I do know what you mean when your family goes back home - glad to have been together but sad to say goodbye. If you get a minute or two please stop by to read about our a bit less than crazy Thanksgiving Day. All-in-all, it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aleta , The Christmas spaces are getting set up at Monti's , we dropped off a table today and there was lots going on. We'll see you on Wednesday. Sue

Sarah said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's nice to have the house back to yourself, but everything seems so empty.

Good to hear you had such a lovely time!

Hugs, Sarah x

Laurie said...

I do know what you mean. Hope your Thanksgiving was perfect in every way! xo Laurie

Chrissi said...

Gald to hear all went well...did yah try any of those recipes that were shared prior to? Any you would recommend yourself? I did Thanksgiving and it looks like I'm hosting Christmas now too!:)


PS...those lovely round hat boxish ornaments over there to the left, in the Flourishes at Mont. pic. Are those yours?? They're fantastic looking!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Good to hear from you and hope to see you sometime at Monti's. Finally got our spot set up on Sunday - whew!!! Take care of yourself, M.