Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend treasures and an upcoming giveaway!!

After a couple of weekends of not finding any treasures to speak of, this weekend made up for it in spades! Bill and I make a day of treasure hunting....usually Saturdays. Many estate sales start on Friday and discount on Saturday. I'm not into the Friday starts. You would not believe all the pushing, grabbing and rude dealers there are at the Friday sales. It's also kind of claustrophobic and sometimes kind of smelly not my cup of tea. I'll wait for Saturday or Sunday thank you very much. Sure, I have to go through the leftovers, but, it's at my leisure and I can examine the merchandise and be thoughtful about my purchases.

My prize pieces this weekend are a 1930's composition Santa, a 1911 teddy bear and a pair of Baby Dear ballerina slippers. These are all keepers!!
Oh, and look at these sweet little shoes! I can never pass up mother made baby shoes. They're just loaded with detail and charm. I also found a darling little pair of crochet shoes and two whisper soft cotton baby dresses. All bound for lucky little bears no doubt!
This ironstone pitcher has the original store sticker on the bottom. Meier and Frank, $5.49.....marked down to 2.99. Have you priced ironstone pitchers lately? Oiy! They're certainly not $2.99!! I'll let go of another one I have and keep this one. I like the sticker on the bottom. How many crazy people do you know that keep things because they have an original price sticker on the bottom? Ha!
Another, closer picture of the little bear. He came with overalls and this bit of provenance written in fountain pen. "Teddy was Mervin's pet. Xmas 1911 he came to our home. Teddy has seen use." That last sentence made me laugh out loud. :o)

And now information about my little giveaway. I wanted to start my giveaway on my 250th post. That would be this one. But, why be normal? I will start it on my 251st post on Pink Wednesday instead. In true fashion, I'm a bit behind, so my little giveaway project isn't quite finished. Hey, I'm keeping it real here! I think it will be worth the wait though. It will be a sneak peek of my Holiday Faire offerings that will be presented at Monticello on December 5th!! Make sure you peek in on Pink Wednesday!!

Happy, happy Monday to you!! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta -
I always love seeing your treasures. You sure found some nice things this time! I love the little ironstone piece. I would leave the sticker on the bottom, too. It's probably a collectible sticker since Meier and Frank is a thing of the past - part of Portland history. I was SO sad when Macy's bought them out. It's just not the same. Your Santa and little bear with the sign are so sweet and I love the little shoes. Can't wait to see what you are working on for your giveaway. Will check back for sure to join in the fun.

melanie's all my favorite things said...

Totally love the bears and the pitcher- I , too, love the old price tags...and the Santa--- what great finds! I'm jealous!
Love your blog- and your space at Monticello.

Diane Duda said...

I'm feeling like Teddy today.
I've "seen use". :)
Great finds.


Sandra Evertson said...

That little brown bear is adorable!
Just sweet as sugar!

lulu said...

Hi Aleta! What great finds! As a person who would also keeps things because they have their original price tags I have to say that Little Teddy has stolen my heart. I'm so glad he found a good bear-loving home. :0)