Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pink Wednesday brings a finished project!

Ta Da! I actually finished one of my projects that I started. Whohoo!! Pin a rose on this chicks nose! A mixed media/assemblage and mohair bear inspired by art dolls by Lisa Kaus. These are meant to hang on the wall but they're really great leaners when the legs are splayed out. Hey, I can still sit like that too! If I can do it, the bears can do it without a fuss as well. hee!

I added a twist on Lisa's original idea by using my own mohair bear and limbs instead of porcelain/bisque doll bits. I also used a longer, thinner canvas on this one. I like the longer length but I think I'll try using a thicker canvas or block again next time. Also, there must be a better way to attach the limbs than what I've been doing. Oiy, what a headache!

There are multiple paper layers, charcoal pencil, watercolor pencils, acrylic paints, rubber stamp accents, a bat punch, velvet ric-rac, satin vines, ribbon rosettes with glass bead centers and antique porcelain buttons. It's also coated with a layer of beeswax which gives it an overall soft mellow look. The bear is mohair, has traditional glass eyes, and a thread nose and mouth stitched slightly askew. Bear parts, however, are not coated with a layer of beeswax. Oh, what a mess that would be! ;o)

Okay, so, one project completed. Just in time too.....the paperclay head for one of the dollies is dry. Onwards and upwards!

I haven't yet decided whether I can part with this little bit of Halloween fun though. I'll decide tomorrow. I really should try to make an income this month. I just seem to want to create, create, create....and keep, keep, keep it all!! So very selfish.

Perhaps I should create something for a giveaway!! Now there's an idea! My next post will be my 250th....what a jabberbox, huh? ha! Perfect timing for a giveaway. Hmmmmm.

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta


Theresa said...

I LOVE HER ALETA!!! You should make more of these gals... I think she's incredible!!!



TinyBear said...

I love those mixed media bears too Aleta. Please make more :O)
This one is so sweet. Love the colors.
Hugs, Tina

Nancy said...

Oh Aleta...she is wonderful! Love her body...gee, that sounded kinda sexy!

She really is adorable. Love her!
Hugs, Nancy

jenny holiday said...

Oh you sweet sweet thing!!! Thank you so so much for popping by my new home!! So sweet of you!! :) I am so so happy to have been evictd by AOl..LOL!! ahhh the silver lining!!! :)

This gal is fantastic!! You are amazing!! What a clever clever gal!! I am loooving that you were inspired by Lisa! Such a great melding of worlds!!

Happy Fall!!!

Love ya!
xoxo Jenny

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi she's gorgeous! I couldn't resist hopping over to Lisa's blog and love how you've used her dollies as inspiration to come up with this cutie. I often visit your blog and admire your creativity, will be popping by often!
Hugs Ginie

Lisa Kaus said...

Look you you! Hi Aleta- If that is'nt the cutest thing... When I see you next and if you still have it do you mind bringing it for show and tell? see you soon
hope you are feeling better!