Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pink, White and a booth makeover!

Not so much pink today.....we're going with a White Wednesday this week! An old creamy white rose and a silk society doily beautifully stitched with faded violets. I have a few pieces of this kind of handwork. It's getting harder and harder to find examples in pristine condition. Even pieces with moth bites are quite beautiful to me. The silk threads have such a graceful sheen. You know what I mean? Perhaps you do if you've seen some of these incredible linens before. I'll be looking for this type of linen this weekend at Expo!!

Yes, it's that time of year....The Portland Antique Expo is this weekend!! Yay!! 1350 booths to browse!! We'll go on Sunday this year instead of Saturday. I'm just not into crowds lately and besides, I have a gazillion things to do before then anyway. I have to take advantage of the nice weather we're having and get some of the gardens put to bed before the rain comes and sets up camp for winter. ;o)

Bill and I did a complete redo on our space at Monticello yesterday. Spent the afternoon taking everything out except the windows and then put in a fabulous old pie safe (original shabby chippy paint!), a cuter than cute old square pie table (I really struggled with letting go of this piece. It has a most beautiful warm patina!), and last but not least, a sweetly primitive beadboard cabinet. The whole look is kind of shabby prarie with a good dose of ironstone white and tarnished silver. Lived in and warm!!
I can see someone coming in and buying all three pieces for their bungalow or cottage. Really! I'm actually envisioning this happening in a most positive way so that these pieces don't end up back in our garage after the holidays! Ha!
Okay then. On with the rest of the week! The Halloween bears are listing tomorrow. I know.....I'm a little late with that. Two Truly Silly! bears and one of my paper hats....and, FREE shipping on the lot. Well, there you go! I've gone completely over the edge!! ha!

Happy Pink, or White, as is the case this week, Wednesday!! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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Christine LeFever said...

All so very beautiful, dear Aleta.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!