Monday, April 14, 2008

Unexpected gifts!

Can it be that Bill and I are old enough to be celebrating our 27th Anniversary? Egad! We are!!

Friday marked the day with tickets to a Circ de Soliel performance and a truly unexpected gift in the mail. The tickets were a gift from our amazingly wonderful and generous children and son-in-law. The coolest kids on the planet, I tell ya!! Thank you Justin, Brittany and Jeremy!! We had the best time!!

The gift in the mail was from one of my dear collectors, Debbie. Debbie and her family drove down from Seattle (a three and a half hour drive!) to attend our first Flourishes event last month. I was so busy attending to business that I didn't realize that she was taking pictures of the whole event; people who came, displays and pictures of my family. So, when I received this album in the mail I was just floored and started to bawl like a baby. I hadn't the time to take any pictures myself, so I thought those moments were lost to memory. (And we know how fleeting that can be!) Bless her heart, Debbie captured those moments for me and put them in a lovely album to keep them safe. A gesture so incredibly thoughtful. I am so very grateful and touched by her kindess. Thank you, Debbie.

My family, my friends and my collectors who I think of as friends. I am truly blessed. You are the flowers in my garden!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Karen said...

That is wonderful Aleta . . . The perfect gift. I am glad the moments were captured for you. It was a special day. I wish I lived closer! ~ Karen ~ Ciderantiques.

yacoob said...

Of course it is a good idea of gifting surprise gifts according to the event. Gifts can come in gaily wrapped packages, plain brown paper, or found behind personal challenges.

Adrienne said...

Happy anniversary to you two! And I wish you many more wonderful years together. Your children's gift was fantastic. And what a special gift from your dear friend. I'm so glad you have pictures of your opening day at Flourishes. What a treasured keepsake it will always be - because of the sweet memories of a dream come true shared with a true friend. ~Adrienne~

P.S. - Thanks for peeking in at my blog to see the little yellow birdies and for leaving your sweet comments. Yes, grandkids are just the greatest fun!

Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary Aleta!!!! I'm so glad Debbie took pictures of your first show at Flourishes... I hope we'll see more of these wonderful photos in future posts.

Big Bear Hugs,


Karen from A`Musements said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!!! What wonderful surprises for your big day.... how thoughtful and what fun! Isn't the generosity of others humbling? The unexpected kindness is so heartwarming. So glad your special friend was capturing your "first" moments with Flourishes forever! And I hope Cirque was beautiful, as always!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary Aleta and Bill!
Our anniversary...13 years will be on Earth Day, April 22nd. The time goes so quickly...

What a beautiful gift from your friend...a treasure forever.


Folksie Linda said...

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby Aleta..and many more blessed years to come!! Hugs, Linda

Diane Duda said...

Happy Anniversary!
The gifts are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

How lovely, Aleta! A gorgeous memory of your very first event at Flourishes...
I wish I could come for the next, but I live very far from you:(... never mind, sooner or later...

Warmest Bear Hugs from Italy,