Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sneak peeks!

Artist goodies started arriving today for Flourishes!! Yay!! Oh, what special treats are in store. Baubles and bangles and Bohemian belts! Ledger paper, wallpaper and paper house kits! And certainly not to be missed are the little purses filled with all sorts of treasures for the mixed media artist...big or small! All of this from Tammy Gilley, Tammy Gilley Studios. Fabulous, fabulous stuff!!

Jan Chandler, Sassy Cat, brought more of her oh so soft! and cushy chenille pillows. Two things to note about her pillows: they have top of the line, down-like hypoallergenic inserts and, the pillows are made in the envelope style so the insert can be removed and the chenille sham may be washed!! Smart. Pretty, pretty pillows. Functional. Love, love, love them!!!!

New to Flourishes is Brenda Hopkins, Garden Chic Gals. As her business name implies, she's bringing in lovely things for the garden. Sweet iron birdbaths, obelisks and shepard hooks and trellis's made by her husband. I'll get some pictures of some of those lovelies tomorrow. My camera battery seems to need more frequent charging. I guess I should take the disk in and have all the pictures printed and I won't have that problem! Another thing to add to the to-do list. ;o)

Today Bill and the crew installed the new sound system. Hooray!! Music while I work!!! Life is grand! It would be a banner day if only I could locate who's porch UPS delivered my umbrellas to......cuz it wasn't my porch. (sigh)

Tomorrow, Randy Parman, Madison Park Antiques, will deliver his treasure trove of antique delights. He always brings me great things! He really has a great eye for all things lovely.

While I wait for his arrival, Bill and I will be going over the floor plan and making all the necessary adjustments. AKA: moving furniture!! I love moving furniture around. Bill is not so fond of it because invariably I will move one really big cabinet to two or three different spots and then put it almost exactly where it was to begin with. Well hey, sometimes two inches over that way really does make all the difference! Ha!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhhhhhhh Aleta!!!! I wish I could live closer to youu!! All fabulous!!!

Good luck and best wishes from Italy,


Ms Dragonfly said...

i want, i want, i want those goodies! i wanted to say how much i love your bears. it is amazing to me that they can even be made. it just seems endlessly complicated. truly an art!


Nancy said...

Aleta...everything looks so wonderful...lovely items.

I love moving furniture too! You are right...even a foot makes all the difference...or at least it seems that way!

Hugs, Nancy

Diane Duda said...

Everything is lovely. Especially those pillows...ahhhh!
HOpe you find your umbrellas. :(


Sweet Petunia said...

Oh...I hope I am able to make the trip to your show in April. This display is fabulous.

Tammy said...

Ooooohhh, Aleta! I just popped over for a link, and couldn't resist scrolling through your sneaky peaks! And there I was! Thanks so much!! xoxo

Folksie Linda said...

oh I wish i lived closer too.. i would love to see the shop! Everything looks marvelous! Good Luck with everything Aleta!
Hugs, Linda