Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Few Pretties

Our big adventure yesterday was nearly a bust! We went to six sales in all corners of the universe and came away with just one thing! A pink tablecloth. (sigh) So, what do you think we did? We hit the antique malls in Troutdale and Oregon City!! We hadn't been to either mall in ages so we really didn't know what to expect. Much to our delight we did find a few things. A little something for the house. A little something for the bears. A few little things for Flourishes!!

These pictures encompass Friday and Saturday's mall shopping. I've saved a few things aside for Wednesday....because they're you'll have to wait for Pink Wednesday for that little peek.

The top picture is all about my favorite creams and whites. I tried including the display case but it turned out really dark. Well, the case is really dark....but not for long!! It's yearning for a coat of paint!!

The second picture is a close up of some of the cream and white goodies. I love the picture of the woman in the oval frame. Serene with a bit of mischief, I think! Oh, and those candlestickes!! They're sterling silver filigree, though you wouldn't know it by the picture. They're most charming!

And last is a picture of the little sailor outfits I found for the bears. They all have little issues. Hey, who doesn't? (wink) They're sweet as can be regardless of their issues. Bill also found some pinbacks to pin on the shirts. I don't know if you click on the picture if you can see them well enough.....there is one of a picture of an Admiral with a boat attached by a ribbon. How cool is that for a sailor bear?!!

So, there you have it. Our Friday - Saturday escapades!! A little bit of folly for not a lot of loot. Woohoo!!

What's on the agenda this week? I'm back to Flourishes on Wednesday!! I'm hoping it warms up enough so I can do some painting in the gymnasium. I'm also on the hunt for rice paper umbrellas in yummy colors. If not, it's on to Plan B! What's Plan B? Hmmmm. I don't have one yet!! HA!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Adrienne said...

Oh, I love your finds! The little sailor bear outfits and pins are just darling. Can't wait to see the little guys all dolled up.

I'm sorry we missed you at Monticello. Yes, it would have been fun to meet up there. What a treat that would have been.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I enjoy stopping by here to see what you have to share. See you at Flourishes in a few weeks!


Cider Antiques said...

Lovely Sailor shirts. It is fun treaure hunting . . . even when you have to work at it ~ LOL.

I had the same kind of experience today. I went to my favorite local auction and decided there just wasn't much for me today . . . so I went to the thrift stores instead. Found lots of goodies eventually.

Your bears are gorgeous and moving along so quickly!

~ Karen

Anonymous said...

Pls see my comment on your previous posting regarding

I posted to the wrong date!


Christine LeFever said...

Your pictures are wonderfully pretty.

I read somewhere that the look that seems to be the rage opposite of the primitive look is called White Accents. I love that you encourage a mix and all so well! Your bears must have something to do with this.


Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, those little sailor suits are Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Barn House said...

Hi Aleta! What great finds you had this weekend!! Quality is always better than Quantity...your taste and design is impeccable. We can't wait until your next show! Don't mind us...we will be the ones furiously taking notes. :o)

To answer to the question on our blog about when to plant, we started with mostly everything except the tomatoes, peppers and squash. Joe is a Master Gardener, ya know. BUT, we will let you know if everything "flourishes" or freezes to death in this crazy weather. :o)

Joe and Jermonne