Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's time for airbrushing!

Lots and lots to do this weekend.....including airbrushing and putting the finishing details on these bears. They're almost done!! Yay!

Bill had an early afternoon yesterday so we went over to Monticello Antique Marketplace and had a bite to eat and a cruise around to see if any of the dealers had anything that jumped up and screamed BUY ME! Nothing screamed but a couple of things whispered! (insert a wink here)

It was only 4:15pm so we thought we might as well take a little ride over to Sellwood to have a peek at what Stars Antique Malls (Yes, I did say malls, there are three different buildings!) had to offer. Oh, my.....more whispers and one scream! Ha!

Today we're off on a big adventure! We have a whole list of sales we're going to. The best part? It's not raining.....yet! Ta ta for now. I'll take pictures of everything tomorrow!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Nancy said...

Oh Aleta...they are looking wonderful. Can't wait to see them finished. Lovely!

Hugs, Nancy

Adrienne said...

Hi, Aleta - You were at Monticello yesterday? My dear little mother and I were there, too. It sounds like were probably left just before you arrived. Or we could have been in one area while you were in another. It's the first time we were able to go and it won't be the last time! I shared a bit about it on my blog today. I keep thinking of things I left there and that's dangerous. I'll be going right by there on 205 Monday! Your bears are so cute! Can't wait to see what you found yesterday. Take care, ~Adrienne~

Brenda said...

Oh ALeta,
I do envy you. Looking for treasures is half the fun! Can't wait to see what you found.



Christine LeFever said...

Your bears are so very lovely. My favorite one in this batch is the wee,very old fashioned, yellowish one second to the left.

Yes, Stars malls, Monticello, and then you say in my blog that you were in Oregon City too! Thank you for waving as you passed my mansion, which is not a mansion, but thank you for calling it one.


A Thing for Roses said...

I agree with Christine. All of your bears are wonderful, but my favorite is that little one too. Just something about him that says, "I'm just too cute for words!"


Anonymous said...

Hello: You might try for the paper umbrellas and lanterns. They have a wonderful selection at great prices. My sister and I are planning a trip to Oregon this summer and plan to schedule it to be able to attend your flea market in June.
Best wishes,