Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring on Mt. Pleasant

All colors of spring greenery are starting to appear on Mt. Pleasant. The crocus are long gone but the daffodils continue to bow their ruffled bonnets in the breeze. Bleeding hearts are sending up lush feathery fronds. I have a woodland garden here on Mt. Pleasant with dappled shade. This is my new challenge!

With each home I have had new garden challenges. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you've seen pictures of my semi-tropical garden in our Oregon home. Well, palm trees and tropical colored flowers just don't lend themselves to the serene beauty that is Mt. Pleasant.

You will find me knee deep in garden books in the evenings now. We'd like to encircle the property in planting beds. A grandiose idea considering we have two acres!! Three years. Five years. Ten years. Mt. Pleasant is a work in progress!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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bruinwerks said...

Oh Aleta...too jealous for words...I still have a foot of snow in my front garden...sigh...
Congrats on the success of FLOURISHES!

Brenda said...

Hi Aleta,
Sounds like you will be busy - we are still buried in snow! The planning is half of the fun, is it not? Take care.



Shantell said...


Oh I love the wild bleeding hearts...we have them by the bijillions too!!! Our tulips are starting to show little snippets of color...can't wait. Have fun in your new garden...remember the deer & bunnies or you'll be giving them of lovely place to brunch each day. HA (I know from experiece).

Have I mentioned a certain orange cat lately. Oh my...


Christine LeFever said...

And I wanted to take photos of the ubiquitous pink trees that are everywhere in the Willamette Valley; maybe I'll get them before all of their blossoms drop. I saw many of them en route to Mt. Pleasant when off to Flourishes the other day. And the camellias are still abundant with their rosy blossoms. The lilacs are blooming now. Oh it's wonderful!


Adrienne said...

Aleta -
I can just picture the world of greenery and flowers in your special corner of the world. What a wonderful place to make a special garden that's like no other place around!

knitsational said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through another and just wanted to say "Hi!". What beautiful pics. A real feast for the eyes!

Angie65 said...

Aleta; I am so happy that someone special got the Mt. Pleasant place.. Take your time and little by little your garden will grow to be so beautiful... Wild and woodland or some of my favorite to plant, use lots of greens(different shades), greys/whites with just little touches of color are so beautiful. good luck Angie65