Thursday, March 13, 2008

A bouquet of violets and pincushions!

First let me say, a most heartfelt thank you for all the lovely sentiments left on my blog these past few weeks. You really don't know how much your comments have kept me going on days when the task at hand seemed so overwhelming. Thank you.

For you, a cyber bouquet of violets!! These are growing in abundance all over our Mt. Pleasant property. You'll see them when you come up for the show. There are even pink ones! Pink violets? Who knew?!!

The last picture for today is one of my favorites.....a grouping of Christine LeFever's pincushions! She brought me dollies too!! I hope to get pictures of those later today. :o) Actually, I hope to be about finished with all the displays this afternoon so I can take pictures of displays rather than shots of just a few things.

The weather is miserable on Mt. Pleasant today. It's raining and blustery. I won't be out tidying up the yard that's for sure! Please, if you will, send out good thoughts for better weather on Saturday.

Until then, I'll be back later (or tomorrow) with final sneak peek pictures.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Shantell said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely...

Aleta, I have those gorgeous wild violets pink, purple and white. They are everywhere in the back along the fence. The deer like to eat the little buds. :O(

I'm still hoping to see you on Saturday even if you are just a blur or a whirl passing by. HA


Miss Maddie's said...

I just popped over from Christine's to see all the delights.
Congrats on your new shop Flourishes.For those of us so far away perhaps you offer mail order?
Wishing you the very best.