Friday, March 28, 2008

A sense of humor!

Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us last night! I woke up to an inch of snow and it's still snowing!! Yesterday everything was oh so pretty and green with pink ruffled trees, and tulips and hyacinths blooming. Today everything is plaster with white snow. ACK!!

It's easy to have a sense of humor about it though when you know that by late afternoon it will all be melted and the glorious color will return. Mother Nature, you certainly have a wicked streak!

Warmest bear hugs on a snow covered spring morning! Aleta


Adrienne said...

I wondered if you had snow! We've had traces here on the Valley floor but nothing sticking. It's strange to see it this time of the year here but I do remember the year our son was born - 34 years ago - there was snow at the end of March. I held him up to the window while my sweetheart went outside to take a picture of our baby's first look at snow! Stay warm and dry, no matter what this weekend brings your way. ~Adrienne~

Nancy said...

We had a bit of a snow shower here yesterday as well...the sun is beautiful again today can really feel the warmth. The nice weather will be here to stay before you know it!

Hugs, Nancy

Sarah said...

Hi Aleta!

We had snow here too in the UK for Easter. If you visit my Blog you will see a photo of how bad we had it in our part of the UK. It had practically all melted away by the evening!

Hugs, Sarah x

JoAnn said...

Good afternoon Aleta!

We had 4-6 inches of snow here in the Finger Lakes area of NY. The poor Robins this morning were looking for places to hide under the pine tree bows that were laden with the wet heavy snow. From my office window it looks like a lot of it melted off during the day. I listen to the Robin's song, and with a happy heart, know that this weather will not linger long.

Happy Friday!

Cider Antiques said...

Hi Aleta, I still have 5 feet of snow over my pool :(. There is a huge drift there for some reason.

I booked the opening of our pool for May 3rd. That's 1 foot of snow melt per week. I hope I make it!

~ Karen

Shantell said...

Oh Aleta,

I think that we can thank Twila for all the snow. She's been running around singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..." I'm about ready to smack her!!! HA HA

Sending warm spring time hugs your way!