Monday, March 3, 2008

More Expo!

This is one of my favorite booths at Expo, Madison Park. Randy has exquisite taste and he's a top notch dealer. There is also a picture of him in the dictionary under integrity. Well okay, not really. But there should be!!

His displays are always unique. How does one person collect so many of one particular item anyway? I wonder how long it took to collect that many hand mirrors....all of the same material? Ponder that for a minute!

Perhaps he's not the only one collecting those mirrors. The twins, Donna and Diana, may have had a little hand in that. The three of them are joining together the first of April in Randy's shop in Sellwood.....Madison Park. This will be a dynamo team, let me tell you! I look forward to having them bring all sorts of pretty things to Flourishes.

Warmest Monday bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. Don't you think that little aqua blue dresser is the sweetest thing? Soooo fabulously chippy!


Christine LeFever said...

Yes, I do love that little robin's egg bleu dresser.

Randy is one of my very favorite people. I used to see him at Stars (when I worked there one day a week) and I also would see him attending at many an estate sale. I'm so happy that he at last has his very own shop.


Nancy said...

I agree...the blue dresser is just lovely. I also love the little glass cabinet and hat box! Everything is just lovely. I want to be there...wah!

Warm wishes