Friday, February 1, 2008

A wish for you!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!! As for me, I'll be working on getting all the furnishings arranged for the first Flourishes event. It's finally warmed up enough for me to go outside without turning into a popsicle!!

I bought some great string lights at Target last night that I'm anxious to see all lit up. Target also had some really pretty serving dishes in their Global Bazaar that I thought might look beautiful in a Spring place setting. They're in the shape of chrysanthemums and though they're new, they have sort of a majolica meets crackle glaze look to them. I know, I know! Take a picture!

I hope to take lots of pictures this weekend. Oh, that reminds me.....better go plug in the camera! See ya!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Brittany said...

So much for it warming up enough to not turn into a popsicle. The snow is really starting to stick at our house so I can only imagine what it is doing at yours. I am wishing for you no more snow!

Love, B

Shantell said...

I wish for you, my friend...
NO MORE SNOW!!! (you can send it an hours drive south...I wouldn't mind a bit more since I don't have to go anywhere. :o)

Warm Weather Hugs Your Way,