Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pink Wednesday and Valentine Wishes!

Whoa! Almost didn't make it! I'm skidding in with my Pink Wednesday wishes. Hey now, I still have almost three hours before it's Thursday!

This is Bob (the bear!). He's holding a darling heart in shades of pink and ever so soft green. Bob and the sweet little heart were both made by my girlie, Brittany. She's the pretty one with that guy in the picture. (I heard that giggle, Bee!) That guy would be her fabulous husband, Jeremy. Like my dad says, "Don't anybody wake him up!" He says that about all of our husbands. Jolly chap, my dad. ;o)

Anyway, Bob and the sweet little heart are both knitted. Yes, my little Bee knits! This was her first attempt at a bear. Didn't she do marvelously?!!!! A proud mom moment. Yay!!

The second picture is a little Valentine I bought for myself. Made by the fabulous Lisa Kaus (link over there to the left). Oh, and did I mention that Lisa Kaus will be joining in with all the Flourishes fun? Yay!! That's two yay's in case you're keeping track. ;o) Oh, and two winks too!

Last but not least is a picture of two of my motley little antique bears. Friends forever and sharing a little Valentine Love. Oddly sweet, aren't they? Does anyone else out there collect sweet old bears with life's little issues? Eyes askew, nose wrinkled, sagging in places? Hey wait a minute....that rather describes me on any given morning!! Heehee.

Warmest Pink Wednesday and a big Valentine hug, Aleta


Martha Kohley said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Bill! Love the old bears and the little knitted one too. I'm impressed since I can't even cast on a stitch! I frustrated the heck out of my mom. Speaking of old, little bears, I have two that belonged to my mother. Not really old, but sweet and sentimental. And I recognize that little white, lacy heart! I had forgotten about it. Glad to see it in your loving care. XOXO, Martha

Diane Duda said...

Thanks for sharing all of these "love-ly" photos and for all the "pinkness" that brightens our days. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Shantell said...

Happy Valentines to you and yours my dearest!!!

Give that kitten a little valentines scratch or two, please!!!

Hugs galore,

Adrienne said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Aleta. I hope you have a wonderful day today. Thank you for sharing your wonderful bears with us. They are so sweet! ~Adrienne~

BumbleVee said...

sagging?... wrinkling..? I resemble that remark!!

love the old guy with the wrinkly snout...too cute.. hah!

recognized your Lisa Kaus right away. I love her stuff. Such great colurs... .

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Christine LeFever said...

Bears and hearts and lace and love; all so perfect for Valentine's Day!

Lisa Kaus? I am SO excited!!!

Your beautiful daughter made a wonderful knitted bear!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Or, Joyeuse Saint Valentin! Any way you say it, hope you and your amour have a wonderful, chocolate & flowers & love filled day! (I love the bears in the photo, Aleta. I have at this moment, the large stuffed black and white panda that my mom purchased after ample amounts of pointing and begging, I'm sure, when I was 3. It had THE biggest red satin bow around it's neck...long since gone. He is my constant...the 'one' who gave comfort and support. The first unconditional 'love'...Bears are so important :-) ) As you would say, "Yay!"
Karen Otto

Brittany said...

I am so glad that Bob was able to sit still long enough for you to take a picture. He does look a little tipsy though like he is leaning to one side. HAHAHA! That is Bob, a little quirky!

Happy Valentine's day!
Love, B

Brenda said...

Hi Aleta,
Bee's bear looks lovely and snugly! I also loooove your old, tattered babies - in fact, I never met a bear I didn't like LOL!
Happy Velentines day to you - oops, I'm squeaking under the wire!



Charmingdesigns said...

Hi. Would you mind emailing me. I would like to know how you like the little bird that I just put on my blog.
Love your bears and hearts! I finally made it to Monticello. Such loveliness!! Laurie