Saturday, October 13, 2007

Works in Progress

After just having spent the better part of an hour typing away about these works in progress, Internet Explorer decided there was an error on the page and deleted everything!! Ooooooh, that makes me crazy!! I'm beginning to think Halloween gremlins have invaded my computer. In reality though, it's probably operator error. I am, by no means, a computer whiz. It's amazing even to me, that I can even manage this blogging thing!!

Now about these works in progress....

The first picture is collage on canvas waiting for a good dollop of beeswax. I was really nervous about the whole idea of painting beeswax over my little masterpiece! *wink* That was until I found the recent issue of Somerset Workshop has a whole section on applying beeswax. How did they know? Those little mind readers over there at Stampington and Company!! Love them!!

The second picture shows six original collage charms waiting for soldering. These are the six gifts for the REALLY patient ladies who's names were drawn for my birthday celebration. Bless you ladies!!! I hope to have them finished and on their way this week. :o)

Have a lovely autumn weekend everyone! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Shantell said...

You busy little bee and all your beeswax and such!! Very cute and clever as always...keep 'em coming.

Warm Fall Hugs to you & Max!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Your collage is adorable, and your charms are inspired, I love them all!! I will have to check out the Somerset article, beeswax always makes me nervous.

Everything you touch always comes out fantastic, Aleta!

Ijsbeer said...

Love the collage on canvas. I only use Internet Explorer for hotmail and blogger as it chrashes all the time. It has so many faults it drives me crazy. Instead I use opera: Its a free browser and much more secure. You do not need to delete IE or in anyway alter IE to use it. You can use blogger there too. Only reason I don't is because my security settings are set really high.

Hope that IE stops giving you trouble. And that you have a great week:)

Pam Lashley said...

(here's hoping THIS post works) YAY I am so excited to be receiving one of the little charms - they are all so sweet! You simply amaze me - you make beautiful bears, do these fabulous projects, decorate your home with impeccable style, and (I just caught some of your older posts) your landscaping is AMAZING! How do you fit it all in? =) Happy autumn!

Theresa said...

Love the collage charms... will you be adding some of these to your web site in the future like you do your bears??? I love the bears by the way they all turned out fabulous. :) Also thanks for passing along the info on the beeswax article in the Somerset Workshop. I've tried my hand at it once and didn't do so well... so I'd like to give it another shot and I'm sure this will be helpful.

Big Bear Hugs,


Martha Kohley said...

Aleta, Your little collage is wonderful! Let meknow how the beeswax goes. I've been wanting to try it, too! Happy Autumn, Martha

Folksie Linda said...

Aleta, Anything you do is so creative and so unique! You are a very talented lady... they are wonderful! Oh Goodie!!! Hugs, Folksie Linda