Monday, October 22, 2007

Shades of White

After our meeting with the real estate agent Saturday morning, Bill and I decided a little antique retail therapy was in order. Okay, maybe it was more of a me thing that a we thing. Ha! Hey, we'd just been handed a to-do list if we wanted top dollar in a sagging real estate market.

My next two months may be spent picking out granite, painting miles of 7 inch baseboard, and packing up the soul of my home. The reason I say "may" is that we don't have a sales figure yet. There are comps to run, which won't be an easy task because there haven't been any sales in this neighborhood in three years. Save for three families, one of which is us, most everyone who lives in this community has lived here since it was established almost 20 years ago. Anyway, all this yada yada yada isn't nearly as much fun to talk about as antique retail therapy!

White. I love shades of white. White goes with everything and can look quite modern or exceptionally soft and romantic. Of course, I go for the soft and romantic. The more ruffles and swirly details the better. These are just some of the lovely shades of white I found this weekend at Monticello Antique Marketplace and Stars Antiques. It's a calm pallete of pretties at a time when calm is most welcome and needed as my mind is racing a million miles per hour. With visions of my dream house, the holidays looming and the many projects that will need to be done......shades of calming white are most welcome.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Diane Duda said...

Lovely all!

Theresa said...

Dear Aleta,

You maybe surprised that your house will sell even faster due to it being in a long standing community. We just moved into such a community and the appeal of it was that it was a great neighborhood for us to raise our kids in (we don't have any yet..but we were thinking of the future when we purchased this house). The fact that no one wants to leave is a good sign.

Big Bear Hugs,

Shantell said...

Someday...when I move into my dream cottage will you come to the beach and help me decorate it? (sigh)

Warm Hugs,

All Bear said...

Aleta, you have such a wonderful eye for colour. I just love your photographs, looking at them is like stepping into another world!

Blaze said...

Gorgeous finds! Creamy antiques are always lovely treats!! :)