Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Why treat, of course!! But today only!! One name will be drawn at 11pm PST from all the notes posted today on this blog entry. Just for fun, name your favorite costume as a child!!

My favorite was Casper the Friendly Ghost. I don't know why really. Actually, I don't think it was my favorite. It's just one I remember the most. I really wanted to be Wendy the Witch but my mom came home with a Casper costume. (Insert haughty eyeroll here.) We had just headed out the door all ready for trick or treating and I tripped and fell, bashing my nose into the concrete. I swear, those eye holes never did match any childs eyes just right. Needless to say, Casper's ghostly white garb became spotted with red and I was crying hysterically. My mom ended the trick or treating right then and there. I'd barely made it out the front door!!! Now wasn't that a cheery Halloween memory? Hee!!

Favorite costume, or most memorable? Post it today and win a treat!!

Warmest Halloween bear hugs, Aleta

And the winner is: fribbles!!!!

Thank you everyone for posting on this Halloween 2007!! fribbles, I'll contact you in the morning. I'm off to slumberland. Good night.


Chrissi said...

Oh, I LOVE Halloween!! I had so many fantastic costumes as a little kid. My mom would make the most detailed costumes each year. My favorite was a space man themed costume she made for me and my sister. I've got pictures of it on my blog right now!! :)

fribbles said...

I always liked being a clown..they are always smiling! Since I am short [under five foot] and I had younger brothers, I trick-or-treated right up to the ripe old age of 17!!! I love candy!!! *chocolate fiend*

mvcappello said...

Halloween is my favorite !!! One year grandma made me a fluffy gray & white bunny costume. Mom painted my cheeks pink with whiskers and small white buck teeth ! I waddled down the street that cold October night holding my mom's hand with a saggy white, fuzzy tail flopping behind me and over-sized puffy legs holding a small orange plastic pumpkin for my candy.
Oh and the anticipation of all the different candy, gum, apples, and pennies put into my plastic pumpkin that night everytime someone opened the door to their home was too much.

mvcappello said...
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Christine L said...

When my sibs and I were very little, it was invariably the little ghostie sheets but by the time I could create my own "persona" via a costume, my fave has always been a romantic gypsy lady. Naturally I used a pillow case that never quite got filled to the brim with treats, but my brothers surely managed!


A Thing for Roses said...

I loved Halloween as a kid. What kid doesn't? But, I'm getting so old and my memory is fading. I hardly remember what I dressed up as. I do remember one year I wore my brother's football uniform. That was funny. I'm sure I was a cheerleader at least once and once I think I was the Fruit of the Loom grapes.


Tammy said...

I just loved Halloween as a kid since it so close to my birthday! I specifically remember one costume that I wore that was totally stuffed with pillows, pillows and more pillows. It was always so cold trick or treating, but not that time as I was so well insulated. I remember just flopping on the ground because I could hardly move, and laughing hyterically with my best friend. Ah, the good old days :)

Shantell said...

My mom dressed me up as a black cat one year. I think that was probably my favorite costume except that I had to carry my tail around and my whisker tickled my nose. She painted my face and I remember people commenting on how real it looked. My mom is/was very artistic.

Although, I also remember a gypsy costume...I got wear my mom's big hoop earrings. I had just gotten my ears pierced and could finally change my earrings...that was a big deal for me. I think the whole earring thing sticks in my head. It kind of had an "I dream of Jeannie" look if I remember correctly.

Happy Boo Day!!

Rene said...

Usually on Halloween I was a ballerina, using the costumes from my dance recital the previous spring. However, the best part of Halloween was all the CANDY!!! If the trick or treaters don't show up soon, I just may eat it all myself. :)

Brittany said...

I remember the year you dressed me and Justin up as a present and a robot using cardboard boxes. I was a clown one year too with spray-painted hair - one side orange and the other yellow. You were always so creative with costumes when we were kids!

Love, B

Theresa said...

My all time favorite outfit for Halloween was the time I went as a punk rocker. I had this really cool cardboard guitar that I made... it was half orange and red with purple stars on it. I remember taking my older sister's jean skirt and her jacket to match. I still have the photo of me winning first prize at the local fire department that always had cider and donuts... and of course a contest between all the kids... on who had the best outfit in each age group.

I wish I could be a kid again :)

Big Bear Hugs,


Brenda said...

My favourite costum was a little Dutch girl, even though I wasn't very "girly". It was a gorgeous costume, with a green skirt, white blouse and the traditional dutch hat, you see in pictures. I still have it! My daughter wore it as a small child, and maybe someday, I'll have a granddaughter to wear it.



Folksie Linda said...

Hi Aleta, I think my most favorite costume i dressed up as was Aunt Jemina... ooh it was so funny.. i had to stuff myself with pillows and big red lips! The girls got a quick out of it. I am surprised they weren't embarrassed!
Hugs, Linda