Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halloween Art!

I'm down to just three more days before showtime!! Eeeeek! I've been in the studio since 6:15 this morning and am just now taking a much needed break before I start stitching noses. It seems like the perfect time to share a little Halloween art created by another fabulous artist!!

I've just recently stumbled across this artist on eBay while searching for Halloween dolls. Imagine my delight in finding this scrumptious dolly with her wide set eyes and curly red hair!! Absolutely funky cool!! Not your typical Halloween doll. Love, love, love her!!

I thought, "Okay. Let's see what else she does?" Oh, oh, oh!! Just look at the amazing canvas art!! And Halloween too!! It's not scary and the colors are perfect. Hippety skippety!! This gal has awesome style. She sells by the name Danita Art. I'll be adding a blog link under Artsy Mamas over there to the left. Be sure to peek in to see what other goodies she's creating!!

I suppose I'd better head off to the studio to stitch bear noses now. My little break is over. Perhaps I'll just step into the kitchen for a slice of peanut butter toast first! Now that's what I call a delicious idea!! ha!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Danita said...

Thank you for the spotlight Aleta!!!
They look great there! I'm happy they found a beautiful and caring home :)

Ijsbeer said...

Very cute and beautiful art!

Shantell said...

Cute cute cute...I'm going to have to go check out her other darling dolls. :) :)

Thanks for sharing your little find.


Wendy said...

Aleta, you are lucky to have an original from Danita...I just love her work too!

Folksie Linda said...

very cute... I am the opposite.. i love the bones and the gore! I do love witches too.. my fav is the skeleton bones-- Dem Bones-- Muhahaha!! Hugs, Folksie Linda being fresh and hoping i bring a smile to your day!

Queen of Tarte said...

Aleta, I am not really a doll person, but do appreciate all kinds of art and artists. This doll is adorable, love the face and hair. Your bears are also adorable and I am sure alot of love and hard work goes into them. Best wishes at your show!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

OMG, I love those little witches to bits and pieces! And the doll is just so cute, thanks for sharing! Great luck for the show :) :)

catharinas-love said...

Beautiful artwork !