Thursday, June 7, 2007

Storybook Bears, Aunt Grace Collection

I'm simply delighted to introduce my first line of Storybook Bears....The Aunt Grace Collection!! So named for the Aunt Grace print dresses each of them wear. Though each bear is made from the exact same pattern they each have their own unique personality. From Left to Right: Mary Grace, Amberly Grace, Hannah Grace, Violet Grace, Eugenia Grace, and Dorothy Grace. Better pictures of them, of course, may be found on my website. Their listings begin promptly at 1pm Pacific Time today!!

I'm crossing my fingers these little bears do well. I really do love making them!! I've even started collecting fat quarters for Halloween Storybook Bears!! Oh, and then there's Christmas too!! Imagine!! My brain is chock full of ideas!!

I won't forget my larger bears though. Are you kidding me? With that closet full of dresses and sailor outfits?!! I think not!! I actually already have a couple of larger bears sewn and awaiting stuffing!!

Dashing off now for a yogurt and some fresh picked strawberries. Yes, I can grow something other than flowers!! Who knew? ;o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Folksie Linda said...

Oh my gosh Aleta, they are adorable!! Wish i had more pennies at the moment-- I would swoop one of them up in a heartbeat! Simply adorable! Hugs, Linda

Brenda said...

Aleta, they are worth the wait! How adorable!!!!! Best of luck with them on your website.



Jill said...

Aleta - they are just darling! They remind me of fuzzy Ginny Dolls. If you are overstocked with dresses and sailor suits, I know someone who would love to take them off your hands. Haha.


Aleta said...

You girlies are so sweet!! Thank you for taking the time to post a little something lovely. You have brightened my day immeasurably!! Bless you.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Laura Lynn said...

Oh my goodness Aleta... they are so beautiful!