Saturday, March 17, 2007

Willow Nest

One of my favorite places to spend a Saturday morning is Willow Nest. It's just about a 30 minute or so drive from my house in Portland, Oregon across the Columbia River into Washington State and a scenic drive up the gorge to Mount Pleasant. Willow Nest is run by Linda and Ludmil Marcov. You may be familiar with their names...they're featured in the latest issue of Country Home magazine! They open their home several times a year for seasonal celebrations as well as barn sales and, during summer months, a wonderful outdoor flea market with oodles of vendors coming from far and wide. A Willow Nest celebration is a DON'T MISS thing for me. Last year, on the morning of my daughters wedding, with 100 hundred people coming to our home, I went to Willow Nest to shop at the August Flea Market!! It's THAT serious a shopping trip for me.

I'm not a shoe nut or a clothes horse. I collect what I call bearaphernalia as well as decorative treasures for my home. I like to buy old things, and handmade things, chippy things, and loved things. Bright and shiny is just not my cup of tea.....unless it happens to be a mattress or a sofa....I do draw the line somewhere! There are lots of old things, handmade things, chippy things and loved things at Willow Nest. Seasonal Celebrations bring out local artist talent which, in turn, yeilds lots of delightful treasures. This trip was no exception! I brought home handmade little pink easter baskets rimmed with pink tinsel and filled with foil covered chocolate eggs, a birdnest and egg under a glass dome encircle with vintage ribbon, a vintage glass bell jar with lid (filled to the brim with chocolate robin eggs!), a satin doll dress, a net lace doll dress and yards and yards of lovely ribbon. Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a picture of all my lovely goodies to share. For now though I'll share just a couple of photos of the day. Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


catharinas-love said...

I have seen your blog from the begin to the end and I love it .
I wish I live in your country so I can also visit all that beautiful shops and markets , wow .
Big big hugs from Rini

Anonymous said...

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