Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Finally out of the box!

After almost three years sitting in a box in storage, my lovely antique chandelier is finally out of the box and hanging in all her sparkly glory in one of our guestrooms! I bought this petite little jewel on eBay....had it hanging for just a short time in our home in Seattle...before taking it back down and putting it in a box for our move to Portland.

We've lived in our home in Portland now for two years. Besides taking down all the wallpaper and remodeling the powder room, we've basically just been living here and making notes about what we like and what we don't. In marches 2007, a new year, and we're ready to make some changes!!

Long story cut very, very short....a room we used as a workout room with recumbent flooring is now being transformed with beautiful hardwood, wide white floor trim and my sparkly chandelier, into the guest bedroom it was meant to be. I still have to find curtain rods...and drapes....and just the right chair for the corner by the window. It's coming along though. Now onto guest bedroom number two!!

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