Friday, March 23, 2007

During and After

With the airbrushing finished I'm ready to steam set and stitch the eyes into place. This is usually the last step, unless I decide a bear needs claws, before dressing and final touches. I'm coming down to the wire now! All bears and bunnies must be completed Saturday night in order to have their pictures taken on Sunday. It takes lots of pictures to find those perfect for presentation. Oh, I do hope the lighting is right on Sunday!! Cross your fingers!!

I'm posting a couple of pictures of one of the bears during airbrushing. Silly me didn't take a shot of the bear as a before.....just a during and after. Notice the how the airbrushing softens the outline of the nose. Mind you, the after shot is not a completely finished bear. When the eyes are stitched in it can alter the appearance and the gender of a bear. At least, that's how it works with my bears! A boy or a girl? What do you think the final outcome will be? Hmmm.
I'd better get into the studio....the next couple of days will be busy! Besides actually drawing the pattern pieces, this is my favorite part of bear artistry. It's all in the details!!
Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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Lisa Kaus said...

Hi Aleta-
Such sweet creations!!!Can't wait to see your goodies- I will be sure to add you to my blog-
Cheers and Happy Spring!