Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nervous Nellie!

I spent the weekend putting finishing details on bears and bunnies, writing short listings, working out pricing, taking pictures, downloading, uploading, and posting the hidden listings. The Spring Gallery is ready to launch. I'll admit it though, I'm nervous.

I'm nervous in the way that one throws a party and no one shows up. I'm nervous too, about how my website will handle it if everyone shows up. There was a glitch in January where someone had pushed the BUY button and the listing reposted itself for sale. Oh Lord, please don't let that happen tomorrow!

What I'm not nervous about is the bears and bunnies themselves. If I had to keep them all I would. I love them all!! I'm especially fond of the Easter goodies this year. I must have lived a past life in the Victorian era. I love making the vintage Easter eggs. They look so lovely all together in an Easter basket!!

I'd better close for now or I'll end up spilling the beans about every little detail! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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