Thursday, December 11, 2008

Missed again!

Another Pink Wednesday on Thursday. (sigh) Soo many things going on in my world outside of Bloglandia. Not to mention it being the holiday season. It's a crazy busy time! My mom is coming to visit and it's Bill's 50th birthday this weekend as well!! My cup runneth over! Whew!

I've been holding this picture for some time waiting for Monica to get her website up and going but I just can't wait any longer for you to see the beauty in this gift. It's a handpainted (by Monica herself!) heart box. So beautiful and such a surprise to receive. For moi? You simply cannot know what a surprise this was.... Thank you so very much, dear Monica. It makes me smile every day to see it on my desk. It holds the little bear tags that are sewn onto the backs of wee bears. Beautiful and functional!! Love, love, love it!!

Monica has a blog now so be sure to peek in. It's a beautiful blog chock full of lovely pictures from her home in Italy. Oh, and soon she'll have her website up and she'll be selling beautiful handpainted things and other assorted lovelies!! I can't wait!! Hurry, hurry Monica!!

Happy Thursday!! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Lovely artwork . . . Monica is a talented lady. I just popped over to her blog and said Hello. Thanks for the heads-up on a new pretty blog to visit :)


Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...

Oh, what a lovely gift...beautiful painting. I will have to go over and have a peek at her site.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

The White Bench said...

Oh, Aleta!... What a GREAT surprise!!
Thank you veeery much!

Hope all is well with you, can't wait to see your 'festive' home!!

Hugs hugs,

Monica x.