Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pink Wednesday!

Happy Blush of Pink Wednesday! Okay, so they're not real roses. I can't have real roses in my house. My cats think that roses are a special treat I've put out just for them to eat. Actually, any flowers are fair game to them. I wouldn't mind so much if they just munched on them but they actually eat them! The most unfortunate part is that the flowers and leaves don't digest well and are heaved back up while running through the house madly. Eeeeeeewwww! And you just thought you were going to hear a lovely rose story. Hee hee!

Today I'm meeting with a web designer. Tomorrow is moving day for everything I've stored in the garage for Flourishes. Oh, there are treasures galore!! I'm also working on getting vendors lined up for my first event. Some of the lovely ladies with pretties include: Christine LeFever; Julie Verburg; Martha Kohley, Vintage Trifles; and Cindy Dockins, Queen of Tarte.

Brenda Power of Duffy Antiques, Canada, will also be sending along a couple of her fabulous mohair Victorian Postcard Easter Bunnies. They're a treasure to behold, I'm telling you. They look like they've just hopped directly off a Victorian Post Card!! They're also very hard to come by. Brenda makes only a handful of them a year. I'm honored to be getting two of them for my first event. Remember the date.....March 15th!!

Gotta run for now. May all your Wednesday's be filled with pink pretties!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Bumpkin Bears said...

Dear Aleta, it is so wonderful to see you have found your dream home and I wish you all the luck you deserve for your events - I wish I could visit, it sounds wonderful :)

Sarah said...

Aleta, two of my cats are very similar, with regard to fresh flowers!! Ellie tries to drink out of the vase and knocks it over and Alfie must have been a florist in a previous life, because he starts removing them from the vase! They also have the odd nibble!

All the best with Flourishes. I'll join Catherine (above) and say I wish I could visit! Looking forward to photos of all your goodies.

Hugs, Sarah x

Christine LeFever said...

My faux roses are very much like yours, Aleta, and I love them because I enjoy faux art in any form. I can understand why your kitties have to nibble on the real ones; they are delicious and filled with vitamin C. But the heaving up them, no way and yuck!

I am SO excited about Flourishes' first event!!!


debi said...

Howdy from Texas!
Congradulations on your new home and new adventure. My hands are pretty tied up down here in Texas with all the shows I need to attend as a "buyer". So maybe someday you will show down here in Texas; so I can see all your goodies?

Continued success....debi

Charmingdesigns said...

I just got an email from Willow Nest! How exciting to know that you are going to keep the tradition going. I cant wait until your first sale! please put me on your email list.
I just put a photo of my kitty on my blog...looks like yours!See what mine likes to laurie

Anonymous said...


Dreams do come true. I know you will be fabulous at Flourishes. Please post many many pictures for us. Wish I could be there - maybe some day because dreams and wishes do come true.

Jill Bruce

Diane said...

Good luck Aleta on your new adventures! It's nice to see someone else who appreciates the charms of old houses even with their imperfections, constant maintenance, etc, etc. Can't wait to come up for your events!

Diane (Molly Mo's)