Monday, January 28, 2008

A Delicious Palette!

A favorite color palette of mine.....shades of white and natural wood tones. These are some of the lovely things I picked up for Flourishes this weekend! I don't exactly know what those wooden dumbbell looking things are....something for darning perhaps?....but I thought they would look fabulous on a stack of books. Ohhhhh, the treasures I've found these past two weekends!!

I've even put Bill to work fashioning funky cool stuff using repurposed materials we found. Pictured is one of the coat racks he built last night using old door headers and door knobs. Wait until you see the birdhouses and cubby shelves he's building!! Not to mention the cupboards with lead glass windows!! Oh, oh, oh!! It's all I can do to keep myself from showing a picture of every little thing!

Today is a snow day. Yes, it snowed......again. Oh, bother. I'm soooooo over snow. It's only supposed to snow once a year here, if that. I think this is probably the sixth or seventh time. Enough already!! I'm sorry, I'm just not a snow and cold type of gal. Big fluffy coats and heavy boots make me feel like a walking marshmallow. It's so not an attractive look on me. I didn't like it when I was a kid growing up in Alaska and I like it even less as an adult!! Okay, the adult part is debatable on most days, I admit. Ha!

Oh, and before I forget....three new bears list tomorrow!! I've actually spent time in the studio on other things besides paper and glitter projects. Who knew?!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Christine LeFever said...

That is all so very pretty, Aleta. It sounds very exciting about what's happening toward Flourishes.

Don't worry,the cold will be gone in not time. Note how the camellias are almost in bloom!


Christine LeFever said...

No time! And to think I even previewed my input. Oh well. Perfection, alas is not my forte.


gretchen said...

those funny wood things are old time weights ... now don't you feel strong ??? and isn't it amazing how narrow all the vintage shoes seem to be? can't wait to see what other treasures you have hidden on the other side of the screen ...

Anonymous said...


I LOVE your vignettes of lovely items...Florishes sounds so wonderful! Best of luck and happiness in you new endeavor!


Adrienne said...

Aleta - Your ideas and artful arrangements are fantastic! I can't wait to visit Flourishes and see what else you have been up to. Please, please, please - share some of your hubby's work with us. We just can't wait! ~Adrienne~

Nancy said...

Aleta...Flourishes sounds so wonderful. Your new home is just lovely. The grounds are beautiful. The new bears are as lovely as ever. You have such exquisite taste.
Wish I lived a little closer!


Diane Duda said...

sigh! can't wait to see the birdhouses and cupboards.
get crackin' Bill!