Monday, January 7, 2008

Mr. January?

This is Max. He's the most photogenic of my three cats. He actually loves having his picture taken! You may remember in one of my holiday photos that a little cat head appeared out of nowhere in the left hand corner. That was Max. Everytime I pick up my camera, there's Max waiting for his own photo shoot. Perhaps he was a male model in another life! Wouldn't that be something?! Mr. January? Not that I've ever even seen a Mr. January, or February, or March for that matter. Ha!

My imagination seems to be working overtime doesn't it? Maybe it's because there is so much going on behind the scenes right now. Or, maybe it's because I haven't been in the studio for what seems like weeks!

I'm going to remedy the latter by Wednesday. Wednesday I absolutely will be in the studio working! If I put my imaginings to work on my bears I won't seem so much of a nut job in the real world. I have a sign in my studio that reads, "I know I'm in my own little world but it's okay, they know me here." That sign speaks volumes!!

Warmest Monday bear hugs, Aleta


Shantell said...

Dang it Aleta, you made me cry...and you know why. Thanks for sharing such a lovely photo of Max.

Hi Max, you gorgeous boy.


Brittany said...

Hi Max! This is the cutest photo of him.

Love, Brittany

BumbleVee said...

Max has Mr. January beat hollow. And besides...he has WAY more chest hair!

Sarah said...

Awwww, Max is absolutely beautiful!

What a gorgeous photo.

We went to a cat show at the weekend and I could have brought them all home with me, to add to my three, waiting back at home!

Hugs, Sarah x

Ruth said...

HaHa Aleta , I had to laugh 'cos I have my own Max aka "Mr January" ! He's my eldest son , who'll be 18 (eeek !) at the end of this month ! Naturally his cat counterpart is stupendously handsome ...I wonder if he too admires himself in every mirror ?......
Mini Hugs , Ruth

Pauline said...

Awww he is beautiful and look at him, he so knows he is too. Very photogenic

Warm wishes

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Aleta :) Your sign is one of my favorite sayings too. Its tough during the busy holidays without some studio therapy ;) Max is devastatingly handsome!

q.D.paToOtieS said...

Mr. January is adorable! He really should have his own Calendar!!!

Folksie Linda said...

Max is beautiful Aleta... no wonder he likes his picture taken!
Thank you for sharing him with us!
Hugs, Folksie Linda