Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In celebration of the color pink!

Today I'm celebrating the color pink! Actually, I think I shall try to post a pink picture every Wednesday until the end of the year. Pink Wednesday!!! Sounds like a cocktail doesn't it?

This little pink composition features an original art piece by one of the loveliest gals you'd ever want to meet, Lisa Kaus. I've talked to Lisa on the phone and purchased cards and other wonderful bits from her, but I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person at Art and Soul this past month. Walking into her booth was like wandering into the most delightful confectionery shop....without calorie guilt!! Yummy, yummy!!! Oh, and before I forget, you simply must visit her blog because she has the most wonderful tiered cake box featured. You simply must see it!! It's supremely divine and I covet one for myself. Only mine must have a crown on top.....but that's another story for another day. Today is Pink Wednesday!

Warmest bear hugs and pink frosted cakes to you!! Aleta


Vee said...

Oh, I recognized this as a" Lisa Kaus" right away Aleta. Doesn't she have the most beautiful "stuff"? I love all the pastels.... mmmmmmm

Ellen said...

I love Lisa Kaus.....and I love the colour pink as well....Her blog is one of my favourites and so is yours by the way! A pink picture every wednesday...then I'll be there every wednesday to see it!

Diane Duda said...

I love Lisa's art too! Almost as much as I love the idea of "Pink Wednesday".


(who knows...maybe there will someday be a princess in pink holding a bear featured! :) )

draffinbears said...

Pink Wednesday - what a pretty ring to it!

Look forward to checking out all your pretty
treasures and reading your blog (a real treat)


Shelli said...

LOVE Lisa's work and LOVE pink (my website pretty much backs me up on that assertion.) Wonderful painting, and wonderful Wednesday!