Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

At this moment the sky is blue and the sun is shining! I'm sitting here counting my blessings and being ever thankful for my family, friends and health. What I'm trying not to do is to focus on the fact that I do not have a working sink or stovetop and that Bill is still sleeping. I'm thankful for my kitties. The granite guys, being true to their word, were here till almost midnight. 11:26pm to be exact. I'm thankful I have a home. The turkey has to be in the oven at 10am. I'm thankful that Bill is healthy and has a career that pays him well for his talent. Now if only he would put is talent to work, get out of bed, and get my sink hooked up! I'm thankful that my daughter, Brittany, will be bringing green bean casserole for dinner. It may be the only thing we have to eat besides tea rolls. I'm thankful that we have food to eat. Oh but wait! We have leftover pizza too! Green bean casserole, tea rolls and pizza!! It may end up that we don't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but, we'll all be together and that is indeed something to be thankful for.

Warmest Thanksgiving bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. Oh goodness! I almost forgot! Make sure you blog on over to Q.D.Patooties (over there under bear artist blogs) to view the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Softie Parade. Yours truly designed her first official softie!! :o)


Vee said...

It might just be the most fun Thanksgiving you ever had.... pizza and beans would be great.

My best anniversary ever was weiners and beans heated over an open fire , in a scoured old pan that who knows what had been in... a totally deserted campground... it makes for many great stories later in life... or how about a book? .... eh, eh?

Brenda said...

Oh Aleta! I was keeping my fingers crossed for you Thanksgiving day, but it did sound like it was a bit close for comfort. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by all of your family and kitties. Is there really anything more that we need!



Brittany said...

I'm thankful for a mom as wonderful as you who creates these quirky memories! :)

Love, B

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Thanksgiving Aleta to you and your family.
I hope that the kitchen is working and that you will
be able to partake of your turkey dinner.

I have visited the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Softie
Parade and I must say ~ your little creation was a
darling one.


Sandra Evertson said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Sandra Evertson

Theresa said...

I loved your Softie for the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Softie Parade. He really does look like one of the air balloons.
He's got a great face too :)