Monday, November 19, 2007

10 Things!

It's quiet and calm this morning. The rain is falling gently on the autumn colored leaves that have carpeted the front garden. I'm taking deep relaxing breaths. Oooohhhmmm. Why? Here is a sample of the rest of my week:

1. Unload all the cupboards in the kitchen, master bedroom and two guest baths. Counter tops will be removed on Tuesday making way for new granite on Wednesday. Yes, I do realize that Thursday is Thanksgiving. Bill assures me that we will have a working sink and cooktop by 9am on Thursday morning.

2. Sort through boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. This will be a great project for me while my kitchen is being ripped apart. Booms and crashes from all areas of the house will disappear from my thoughts as Bing Crosby croons Christmas carols in the background.

3. Take pictures of my Thanksgiving Parade entry and get them to Lisa, pronto! The deadline is tomorrow. Egad! Tomorrow!

4. Prepare the guestrooms for......guests!! Yes, I have guests coming. Cross your fingers that the bathroom sinks will be back in working order.

5. Think hard about entering the TOBY's again this year....or not.

6. Work on a softie design for an upcoming issue of Art Doll Quarterly. Find out from Lisa exactly what constitutes a softie.

7. Design 5 handmade Christmas cards for giving in a card swap.

8. Start December swap project. Deadline: December 1st.

9. Put everything back into cupboards, sorting keepers and donations.

10. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, deviate from this list and add anything new until next Monday.

I have my list now. Ready, set.......GO!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Brenda said...

OMGosh, Aleta! I couldn't not cope with all of that LOL! You are made of stronger stuff than I am, that's for sure. Does this mean you ARE going to put your house up for sale? I'm wishing you a fairy helper, to keep things running smoothly!



Aleta said...

Yesiree Brendaroo! The house goes on the market on or before January 1st. There is so much I can't divulge just yet. A new and wonderful adventure is in the works!

Hugs and hugs, Aleta

Vee said...

Good luck with "lists" Aleta....

You may or may not know my own oft' touted way of dealing with my dreaded lists.... ....LOL ... along with also adding all the "other" things you invariably MUST do while trying valiantly to adhere to the numbered or asterisked lines.

Pauline said...

he he he,what a target you have set yourself Aleta, good luck you will feel great when it is all finished. A new adventure coming for you too, sounds exciting.

Warm wishes

q.D.paToOtieS (Lisa Thoms) said...

You crack me up! You sound so frazzled you poor dear and I just wish I could give you a hug, a cup of good tea and a piece of chocolate to help you unwind!

Take an extra day on the Thanksgiving photo if you need it! And a Softie? It's anything that's well, er, soft!

Biggest Hugs!!!

Theresa said...

Aleta... how do you do it all??? I'd be yanking out my hair out and running around like a crazy person.



Christine LeFever said...


Would you do me a big favor? NOT! As I told Jen of Earth Angels, Lucille Ball once said if you need help, ask a busy person, because they are the only ones who can do it. You can do it and I love that!